Saga, Volume One by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples

I had the pleasure to read the first two volumes Vaughan’s Y: The Last Man (which I really, really liked) so I am a bit familiar on how Vaughan do his thing. However, this Saga is a bit mix of Romeo and Juliet star-crossed lover—literally and metaphoricallydrama in… space, and planet vs moon intergalactic war, television heads (a common Orwell and Bradbury reference), freelance assassins, winged people, MAGIC, ghosts, and the likes, which is a far cry different from his other works. See? That’s a big load for a science fiction, dystopian, and fantasy graphic novel!

Well, I really, really like the humor—how can you not read on when the opening panel shows a mother giving birth for the first time and screaming, “Am I shitting? It feels like I’m shitting!” as well as the romantic and adorably funny gestures between Marko and Alanaalthough I am not big on romance but it was… cute. 

The first volume is basically orienting the readers what is happening on the planet-moon war and all that jazz. I am quite amazed on how Vaughan juggled subplots in 160 pages without trying too hard or confusing everything. Although I don’t clearly see the main story yet, I’m interested in reading what will happen next. It may shock some readers because of it’s graphic content—I am not well-versed with Staples’ art but it did blend well with the story and it was awesomeas well as a lot of WTF, disturbing weirdness. Even the characters! My favorite among them is the woman with an alien face but with the body of an arachnid: The Stalk! It gave me heebies jeebies!



I immensely enjoyed this one but I still need to be convinced if I should get a copy to read this or read it using my trusty Nook Color. Heh, graphic novels are so frakking expensive but it definitely makes me happy. Also: poor.


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