#TFGat4: Italo Calvino F2F Book Discussion + Amazing Race at UP Diliman Anniversary Edition

I chose to give up my free time for sleeping on a Saturday after my bloody tiring 24-hour shift last Friday. I know it sounds crazy but I cannot afford to miss the book club’s anniversary celebration. Heh. Even if I wasn’t able to read/finish the book for the month, which is Italo Calvino’s If On a Winter’s Night A Traveler—and I really, really want to read the book but it was never a good idea to read it at work (and I’m on night shift!)—I still attended!

We had our discussion at Sweet Spot shop at Maginhawa St., in Quezon City. It was a cute bookish cafe that serves pasta, cakes, and coffee (which I find a bit expensive). I like the place because of its chill and homey ambiance. Also: books! There’s a bookcase downstairs that houses really good selections that you can borrow during your stay there.



Our moderator, Ranee, had organized a gimmick (?) where the members wrote snippets of interconnected stories about a book club, favorite authors, writing, etc. It was the same with the past anniversaries: 2012, 2013. It’s kind of sad I wasn’t able to join this year’s edition because I was busy the weeks before.




After the discussion, the moderators prepared a surprise game/activity for the anniversary! An Amazing Race game, TFG edition at UP Diliman! Look at the map below:





#TambayPogi group headed by Angus and Bennard. Members: Ruby, Mae, Ella, Meliza, and me.


The “Champs” headed by Aaron and Rhena. Members: Marie, Gwaxa, Aenna, Cary, and DC.


The Seasoned and Seniors (?): Monique, Tina, Ronnie, Louize, Ycel, and Ranee.


It was a sweaty, hot and sticky but fun-filled day! We talked to a lot of people, walked and ran a lot, did crazy selfies, cartwheels, and even borrowed isaw to pose with for a picture!



Guess who won the game? Heh. We’re so chill, we won.

Photos (c): Maria Ella Betos

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2 thoughts on “#TFGat4: Italo Calvino F2F Book Discussion + Amazing Race at UP Diliman Anniversary Edition

  1. #TambayPogi FTW!

  2. I want to buy/get/steal a book from their book shelf!

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