Summer Komikon 2014

Hello, the Lesbian (lol) is back!

Well, I’ll try my very best not to be lazy anymore and post as much as possible starting today. I’ve missed a lot of exciting (!) stories to tell you for the past months but too late for now. Let’s start anew! Last Saturday, I went to Summer Komikon with my cousins. I started going to Komikon last summer of 2009 but I stopped because I am from the South and the venue is too far from home. I started going again because my cousin, Danielle Riña, is one of the exhibitors/artists selling their comics! I am one heck proud cousin here [Please check out her comics, dirty laundry and other stories 1 & 2] [If you want to buy a copy, let me know!] so I support her all the way.

I don’t have any photo taken that day because there are too many people there and I don’t fare well in big crowds. Also, too many comics that caught my attention I forgot to take a photo. The awesome news about this year’s Komikon is that the crowd is bigger compared to the last. Also, most of the major local artists/exhibitors have new books released that we’ve been waiting for. Although I promised myself not to buy any books or comics this Summer Komikon, I still did. How can you resist such beauts? I can’t. I just can’t!

Normally, I directly go check out marked-down comics from Comic Odyssey [still at it looking for missing Harley Quinn issues for my obsession/collection] but I made a good decision this year to get locally published comic books instead. I got these:


  • Rodski Patotski, Ang Dalagang Baby by Gerry Alanguilan and Arnold Arre
  • Abangan: The Best Philippine Komiks 2014
  • Project 17 by Eliza Victoria



Because I failed to blog about the last Komikon, I’m including here the comics I got last year:




  • Stories and 01 by Rob Cham (!) [Heh, I have a big crush on Rob Cham since the Tumblr heydays :P]
  • Myth Space series by Paolo Chikiamco and Koi Carreon

I am yet to read these comics. Since I have a good stash of local comics now, I’ll dedicated this month of April my posts about local comics. Yay! I’ll try to post series of reviews of the mentioned comics above so I hope I’ll convince you to also support our local comic artists!

How about you? What did you get from Komikon? Share away!

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9 thoughts on “Summer Komikon 2014

  1. Aside from I really really envy that you get to attend the Summer Komikon, I love your photooos.

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  3. I would like to come to the next Komikon. Can I come with you? :D

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  5. Welcome back! Wow I’d like to exp. some of that! feeling ko mababaliw ako parati sa mga cons haha thanks for sharing your haul looking forward to your reviews XD

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