Hello, earthlings!

It’s been a while since I posted here. I was away having fun with friends and book that I wasn’t able to find time to write about it. Also, I am lazy and my laptop is busted. Reasons, I know! But seriously, days have been awesome and I can’t even… Okay, let’s start!

#1. Goodreads’ The Filipino Group at 3; POOL PAAAAARTEH!

Last April 27, we had our pool party for the celebration of TGF’s 3rd anniversary and Face-to-Face Discussion of the book Gilead by Marilynne Robinson. It was headed by Mommy Louize and it was awesome. Although I wasn’t able to finish the book and was late (due to family duties), I still enjoyed it because POOL PARTY. It was kind of funny that I’ve been with and known them for years but I never spent time with them (non-F2F meet-ups) until this event happened. They are bunch of crazy fun people but I really love them. They are friends for keeps <3


Since the book is about memory and hope, Mommy Louize asked us to come up with our own stories of memories and hope. She compiled our own stories and it was beautiful. The letters and stories are so intimate, heartwarming, and inspiring.



And, I am forever blessed with good friends. Maria gave me a brand new copy of George RR Martin’s A Game of Thrones for Christmas (delayed for 4 months haha) with a bookmark and Boracay keychain and a copy of Wasted by Gerry Alanguilan from Tina and Cary since I wasn’t able to join the Summer Komikon. I feel so loved! I love you and thank you, guys!

#2. The Sandman Volumes by Neil Gaiman


Last week, I was approached on Twitter by this wonderful guy to ask if I am interested buying volumes of The Sandman by Neil Gaiman. I can’t say NO to him because 1. the price per volume is so much better compared to online sellers and local bookstores; 2. it’s THE SANDMAN; 3. because NEIL GAIMAN; 4. I am really planning to complete Gaiman’s works especially The Sandman series; 5. I already have the first two volumes.

Although I considered not buying them because my first two volumes are the recolored editions and I hate inconsistencies in my serial books but the hell with it, the books are coming to me!


So last night, I rearranged my bookshelf to give way for my Gaiman books. I am trying to complete his works and I’m still far from it but I am not giving up. They are so beautiful I want to cry!

#3. The Free Comic Book Day at Fullybooked The Fort


Ever since I met my best friend in college and discovered that we shared a love for comic books, we started a journey of coming to comic and book conventions together every year. One of those is the FREE COMIC BOOK DAY that is celebrated every year all over the world every first Saturday of the month of May.

The picture above is half of the crowd who went to last Saturday’s FCBD at Fullybooked The Fort and it was crazy, hot, and sweaty kind of day. I know it’s ridiculous to line up this really long line for free comics. Was it worth it? Of course, yes! Even if it’s not a lot (compared in 2011), I still say it was a good experience with fellow comic dorks and our local comic artists.

It was awesome that the crowd is bigger this year compared from the past years and a lot of kids now are hooked with comic books. We’re building a good generation here, guys. Good job to the organizers of FCDB in the Philippines (FullyBooked/Comic Odyssey in BGC and National Bookstore/Castle Geek in QC).


My comic loot! I thought we were only getting 3 comic books but I was surprised we were given a bag of goodies. See that cover for Ang Pilipino Komiks sa Kasalukuyan? That guy’s our national hero from Sir Gerry Alanguilan‘s new project: The Marvelous Adventures of the Amazing Doctor Rizal! And speaking of Sir Gerry Alanguilan, I met him again! I had my copy of Wasted signed and ran away. I was starstruck! What else can I do! Haha!



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3 thoughts on “I AM A HAPPY DORK

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  2. I missed most of the comic fun this summer [including the pool party] but I’m still hoping to get better copies next Komikon. And yay for your Wasted copy and Neil Gaiman collection. Anyway, I’ll try my best to find a copy of Chabon’s book. See you next month!

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