NEW BOOKS (+ A Bookstore Feature!)

To be honest, one of things I love about blogging is writing about my book huntings and how I go crazy when I manage to get the books I’ve been wanting to read in a secondhand bookstore. Lately, I rarely go to bookstores because I’ve been cutting down my expenses in hoarding books *coughnomoreshelfspacescough*

Anyway, I still find myself lurking online bookstores for books. I mean, you really can’t stop yourself, can you? I know myself too much and I know I can’t.

Last year, I was looking for books that I can’t seem to find in Booksale (I don’t want to buy brand new books that time yet) and I stumbled upon an online bookstore in Facebook. The store has different books of different genres but more of classic, philosophy, literary fiction—the ones that are rare and out of print, which are the ones I want to read. This online store is Roel’s Bookshop.

A little history about Roel’s Bookshop: it is a family business of Roel and Elizabeth Abaya with their child, Roie. Roel is situated abroad while his family are staying in Davao, where they are planning to open their brick and mortar bookstore this May of 2013 and hopefully in Manila later September this year. Before this business started, Roel started to collect books last year 2000; he is a hardcore collector of books, mostly signed books and first editions. He loves the feeling of being surrounded by books and hunting for them—through yard sales, booksales, scouring flea markets. His love for books urged him to start a business of bookselling even if people discouraged him that there are no one (Filipinos) interested in reading. “Ako lang naniniwala sa sarili ko (I’m the only one who believes in myself),” Roel says. Regardless of the discouragements, he started the online store and Roel prove those people wrong.

Roel’s Bookshop can be found in their online shop in Facebook. They specialize in finding rare and out of print books! If you’re looking for books by philosophers, Japanese, Chinese, Indian folk literature, or even graphic novels (!), you should check out Roel’s Bookshop. Normally, they don’t normally sell bestsellers (the one you can easily find in the major bookstores) but sometimes the costumers ask for them or give them their list of wishlist books.

Tip: Roel’s Bookshop has a lot of costumers and if you want a certain book, put them in a wishlist because once a new batch of books are uploaded (mostly Sunday mornings), other costumers are ready to wrestle for books they want to be reserved.

Anyway, I am happy that I found this online store because I was able to get brand new copies of Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman: Preludes & Nocturnes and The Doll’s House! I got them half the bookstore price so I bought the first two (which are my favorites as of now) and Death: The High Cost of Living just because I love Death (not that I want to die!). Also, I got the Fully Recolored Editions of The Sandman volumes! YAAAAAAAY!

IMG_5635 IMG_5636

Aside from the books up there, my friends Elaine, Jasmin, and I met up last Friday! They are the bookish friends I have when I was in high school. Our way of staying connected is meeting up and giving each other books for Christmas! Yeah, it’s kind of late already but still! It’s the thought that counts :)


Elaine was the one who got my name and she got me a copy of Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl. The synopsis at the back made me curious and the 5-star ratings of my friends makes me want to bump it up in my TBR!

I also got my 3rd Chuck Palahniuk book, Rant, from Jasmin. She said she didn’t like or understand the book and since it’s the kind of book I like to read, she gave it to me. Yay for that! I got Jasmin’s name for the gift-giving, I gave her a movie tie-in copy of David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas! I’ve been book-pushing her this book because it’s one of my great reads last year. It’s really good, I tell you. If you haven’t read it, why don’t you get a copy now? :)

How about you? What’s your latest book haul? Share!

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6 thoughts on “NEW BOOKS (+ A Bookstore Feature!)

  1. Hi, Tricia! We’re discussing a Sandman graphic novel this year! I hope you can join us! Para naman makita ka na namin! :-)

  2. Monique on said:

    I will definitely read Sandman this year. :)

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  4. I’m really happy I discovered Roel’s bookshop. Been following them for months now and got a bit curious how he has such a good collection of books to sell that’s why i landed here. Sad thing is all his books are sold so fast I don’t get to comment first!!

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