Last year, I did a Mina V. Esguerra marathon but I wasn’t able to complete it because I was missing one book. I really enjoyed every book and the butterflies in my stomach. So before I start to talk endlessly again about Dante or Tonio, let me now start to talk about Mina’s Love Your Frenemies.

If you already read about Mina’s first book, My Imaginary Ex, I don’t think you’ll ever forget that bitch named Kimmy. Yep, she is the kind of girl that people hate and will hate but before I influence you my hate towards Kimmy (this was during the MIE book), Mina published a spin-off story about her and what happened after that disastrous event. Kimmy went out of the country for a year to move on and rethink her life. She came back home just in time for her best friend’s wedding. She went back with a mindset that she’s changed and she wants to start life all over again by removing some important people in her life one by one.  I felt the dread that she really has to face the old life she left behind in order to do the change. Is it really what she wanted?

I really like this book because one thing it made me realize: FRIENDS ARE IMPORTANT. No matter how shitty you feel or how miserable things ended up and you want to be just alone, you can’t just really chuck your friends. Just like Chesca in the book, no matter how hard-headed and inconsiderate Kimmy can be, she’s still there for Kimmy (I still go “awwwww” (+ teary puppy eyes) after all she have done for Kimmy!) Even if you don’t feel them that they are there, they are there for you. It won’t hurt if you catch up with them after a long time. I realized that I must catch up with my friends that I haven’t seen or talked to after a long time! It’s quite refreshing and a really good start for 2013 :)

I got hooked with this book even if I was a total lazy-ass during the holidays (book read: 1; food: 1000) and it’s really good. By the way, if you read a Mina V Esguerra book, there’s always something to watch out: THE LEADING MEN. So in this book, say HI MANOLO. I really love Manolo so you have to read why! (CAN ALSO SAY HOW KIMMY IS SO LUCKY TO HAVE HER FRIENDS AND MANOLO? REALLY)


BY THE WAY, I forgot that it was my BOOK BLOG’s BIRTHDAY last January 6. So yay, HAPPY 4th BLOGGY BIRTHDAY! Just in time, Mina released her books new covers to be published by Summit Media (Fairy Tale Fail and Love Your Frenemies) so I’m giving away one (1) copy of this beautiful book with a beautiful cover (and look at the Filipino Readers’ Choice seal) Fairy Tale Fail by Mina V. Esguerra!

Fairy Tale Fail


1. The contest is open to everyone in with a local mailing address in the Philippines.

2. To join, just comment on this blog post why you want to read Mina’s books :)

3. Entries will be accepted until Sunday, January 13, 2013 12 midnight, Manila time

4. Optional (but +1 point) Tweet me (@triciuhhh) and Mina (@minavesguerra) with your answers with a hashtag of #FairyTaleFail.

5. Will e-mail the winner by Monday (January 14).


Update: I used to pick the winner since all the answers are so sweet, it’s so hard to choose only one. So the winner is… IsabelleNadine! Congratulations!

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  1. Benj on said:

    Whooahh! Mina’s books are just amazing! It’s like every girl can relate and learm from it. When you read the scenes, it seems just those ordinary days you’ve been through but you can’t just get enough and can’t stop reading till you come to the last page! I can say every page is really really worth reading! It’s not like those other chic lit books that you can predict the ending after a few pages but with Mina’s books, you’ll never know. you’ll be thrilled reading each page. and now, i just want to have the fairy tale fail copy!!!

  2. Happy Bloggy Birthday!

  3. Happy Bloggy Birthday! :) Curiouser and curiouser! I’ve been interested in her books since I saw them at the bookstores and your post only took it to the next level! Reading her book will definitely get me started on my new years resolution (read at least 10 books from local authors) this year. Which one of her books do you think I should start off with?

    • Hello, thank you!

      If you can get your hands a copy of My Imaginary Ex, that would be a great start, I think (because that’s Mina’s first book and also the first book I read). Enjoy her books :)

  4. Hi Tricia! Isn’t Mina’s book called “My Imaginary Ex”? :D

    Anyway, to answer your question, I like reading Mina’s books because they’re light, fun, and easy reads – and they’re closer to home, being set in the Philippines and with Filipino characters that we can easily relate to. :)

    Happy bloggy Birthday! :D

    • Whooops! Thanks for the heads up! :)

      Yes, I agree on that :) and sometimes, I recognize those places Mina mentioned in the books.

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  6. Stephyy on said:

    It’s always a thrill to read works of our very own kababayans. I try to pick up from Mina’s experiences when it comes to getting published all because I’ve always wanted to put myself out there as well. I really wish I could be like her. Her stories seem to just bounce off the page and has a very homey feel since she’s a fellow filipino.

    Happy New Year!

  7. Rose Ann Franco on said:

    I love her and her novels because the characters in her writings seem to be existing and real. Her stories posses extreme feelings and intense emotions that strike the hearts of the readers. This makes her a good and remarkable author.

  8. IsabelleNadine on said:

    heelllo ate triciaaa :) I’ve always been reading management,marketing,economics and accounting books since I’ve been a college student. But I wanted to escape from those books this summer and read a book that is all about love and friendship and this book is perfect to forget for a short while the textbooks I should be reading. I really want it to be possible, to enjoy a beautiful book that would surely inspire me in my journey in life. :)

    • Hi, Nadine! I noticed you’ve been busy since you entered college and we haven’t talked! Anyway, you can always sandwich thin books like Mina’s in between those acads. :)

  9. I’m ashamed to admit this but I haven’t read any of her book. It’s not that I don’t want to read it, it’s just that I can’t find any of her books in our local bookstore and library.

    I’m trying though and I really really wanted to read a contemporary romance book from a Filipino author.

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