HAPPY NEW YEAR (+ some required readings)!

HAPPY NEW YEAR, MY FRIENDS! So it’s been a while since I last posted *looks at the last post and runs away* Haha! I’m really sorry for being MIA (Missing in Action) for months for I’ve been busy as well as lazy especially the holidays. I really pushed myself to open my laptop and write something today and this is a good start! Yeah, 8 days late.

Anyway, GOOD NEWS! I beat my reading challenge last 2012 where I read 59 books! (See 2012 tab)Well, I didn’t actually plan to “challenge” myself so I put 50 books to read instead which is a number that doesn’t look like very intimidating that I’ll push myself too much. I actually enjoyed every book I read so I’m doing it again this year!

This year, I’ll join my fellow book readers in a meme called…

Required Reading: January

I think I’ll need this because I have too much book in the TBR and I need to learn how to prioritize books I need to read. Since I’m still new with this, I’ll just copy the information about the meme from Tina‘s blog:

Required Reading is a reading challenge that is really about getting some books off the Mt. TBR. Just as the name of the challenge meant, Required Reading is about choosing some books that must be read within the month. It doesn’t have to be the only books you read in a month, but they should be read (or at least, started) before the said month ends.

I had some rules on this last year that really applied to me, but in case other people want to join me, here are the rules:

  • Books chosen for the challenge should be in the current TBR pile as of the month of the Required Reading post. So if you decided to join at March, the books you choose for the month should be in your TBR pile as of February.
  • Galleys and ARCs can be included.
  • Posting reviews aren’t necessary (but don’t you want that out of the way, too?).
  • I’ll be posting a theme every month but you don’t have to follow that. You can choose a theme for yourself if you want to — what’s important is the books that you put there are books that you want to get to reading.
  • Lastly: have fun. If you don’t finish a book, it’s okay! If you finish it, then…feel free to reward yourself with something. Like a new book. :D

So January is the start of the year and I’m still looking for the books to read but I still have 2 pending books I started last December (which didn’t have any progress at all because of my short attention span whenever I see food) so I decided to push them to January. I am already cramming because both of them are showing this month! GAH. I’m still few pages in in those books but I guess, I’m not going to watch the movie yet until I finished these. IMG_5543

Let me present to you:

1. Yann Martel’s Life of Pi — this book has been in my shelves for 3 years already and it’s only now I find a good reason to read it. Many friends from the book club book-push and recommend this book so I think I should start the year with this. It’s also now showing in the cinemas in the Philippines!

2. Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables (Volume 1) — not because of the hype of the movie (hmmm, maybe slight), I want to read this before when my cousin got an abridged copy and I was curious.


3. Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 — Actually, I’ve read the book already but I might re-read this for the book club’s Face-to-Face Discussion on January 19. You may join us in the online discussion!

How about you? What are you reading this January?

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5 thoughts on “HAPPY NEW YEAR (+ some required readings)!

  1. YAY for Life of Pi! I am not book-pushing it — I’m book-shoving it! :D

  2. Where’s the second volume of Les Mis? :D

  3. Yay hello fellow Required Reading participant! Haha. Life of Pi is very good. I’m really glad I started this year with that book. :) And onward with Les Miserables! We can do this :D

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