Hello, hello! I am please to tell the whole world wide web my good news that after ranting a great deal about my bookcase falling apart and how I tried selling some books to free the spaces (and buy a Nook—which I did), I finally have a new set of bookshelves at home! Yahoo! Well, it’s not exactly new-new because it’s already at home for many years and was used for storing other things in the house (a.k.a not books). I’ve been bugging mom to give me the bookshelf because it is for books, not for whatever things that are not books and I’ve been changing bookshelves every year since we moved to Las Pinas. They gave me small bookshelves before so I will learn to limit the number of books I buy. Did I ever learn?

Cut the crap and here’s the bookshelf:

It’s bigger and better! It’s lovely to see it every morning because it’s located by the stairs and it’s the first thing you’ll see.

I’m a happy kid!

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4 thoughts on “THE BOOKSHELF 2012

  1. Lovely books! Lovely shelves! I wish I can have one too rather than putting my books in plastic containers haha! Soon, after we get a house of our own. :)

  2. nice shelf tricia..

  3. I love bookshelf photos. It’s so nice when we have bigger houses for our books! :)

  4. I just love that Michael Chabon book about fatherhood, Manhood for Amateurs.

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