The Mina V Esguerra Marathon

It’s not really a secret that I am not a fan of chic-lit genre or that I avoid romance books if I can help it. I don’t know, maybe because I was afraid that I will eventually compare those stories with mine that will result to moping, crying, and bawling over my hopeless and non-existent love story. Or, that I will expect in my future relationship to be exactly as romantic as it is in the books. Or, I will imagine that I have a boyfriend. I know, my mindset years ago is so pathetic and a hopeless case. But overtime, I learn how to forget and just go on with life and be happy even if I’m single and nobody wants me (at the moment) because I’m sure that my knight in shining armor will come. (He did).

It was such a shame that I’ve known Mina for almost a year but never tried to read her books. I have my reasons, though. Actually, I felt shy talking to her because I haven’t read a single book of hers. It took me a lot of courage to try to read them just for fun and I really did enjoy reading her books.

No Strings Attached. This is a story about Carla, who is turning 30 years old, still single, and her friends (especially her best friend, Mary) always set her up to different dates—you name it, guys with stable high-paying jobs, etc—while his other best friend, Tonio, advices her to loosen up a little and do something she haven’t done before—play with no strings attached. Then she met this guy named Dante del Rosario who is a really interesting guy because he’s a history professor and a Wushu instructor. He also takes care of his younger brother, Miko. He seems like a family man for a twenty-four year old guy. Yep, he’s five years younger than Carla. She agreed to have a non-serious relationship with this guy but is she really is not serious with it?

You can say that this is somewhat a typical cougar story but who cares? It’s a reality. More and more women of 30’s are still single and I know some of my friends who are still searching for the right guy. They’re like Carla, I wish they loosen up a little because I don’t know any guys who wants uptight conservative women (hey, no judgement here! I’m conservative myself), but who am I to say that anyway? Haha! I’m a Carla too, the girl who isn’t exactly a ligawin-type, or have line of men waiting for me to be their girlfriend. Anyway, no pressure on women who aren’t ready to settle down, or just grab any guy there on a blind date just because time is running out. That’s no good decision. Life is short, yes, but why not enjoy it and stop worrying?

Anyway, I LOVE DANTE. I wish Mina will tell me who is this Dante del Rosario in real life. Haha!

That Kind of Guy. This is my story, guys. So Julie is a manang (English: old woman, like granny. Conservative) and she never had any relationships before because she’s always the good girl. In the No Strings Attached story, Julie was introduced to Anton by Carla because she needs to loosen up a little because she’s so serious about things! Anton, being a playboy, wasn’t expected by Julie to change to be a really good boyfriend and still hesitant if she will continue this relationship or not before Anton dump him just like any other girls he dated.

Like Julie, my ex-boyfriend was kind of a player. Anton is a model-like guy while mine is musician (emo/screamo) and skateboarder—bad boy image. He cheated on me with my best friend and cheated on her with other girls. It’s the worst thing you do with a girl, no? After years of moving on and making myself cooler and awesomer than before, we met again and he asked for forgiveness for all the things he did. We started dating again after a year of just seeing each other during church service. I was hesitant because I don’t want to be hurt again or I should settle with other guys (you know, the geeky types). I forgave him but I still blame him for things he did (indirectly) and his dark past, which is unfair for him because he is not that guy anymore :)

“I wanted to be the kind of girl who wouldn’t be haunted by someone else’s past. Who would embrace happiness already present. Who wouldn’t be afraid of an unlikely future.

Who will I chose to love, regardless?

That day, I chose him.”

It’s a matter of acceptance if you love that person. I accepted him no matter how shitty and ugly his past is. The important thing is that I love him and he changed not for me but for himself :)

Interim Goddess of Love. This is my favorite book among Mina’s books because of the touch of Philippine folklore in the story. It’s a story of a girl named Hannah, like other Mina’s main characters, she never had a boyfriend but that doesn’t stop people from coming to her to spill their stories and obsession about their love life. The god of the sun—who is just a handsome senior named Quin for now—thinks she can handle the job of the goddess of love temporarily and she can’t actually refuse because it’s Quin who’s asking her to do the job. QUIN. Her first assignment? Kathy. Kathy is a shy girl and thinks of herself invisible. Now, somebody in the campus is sending her gifts that only people who knows her intimately will know about them. It’s Hannah’s mission is to give people advices and their happy ever afters :)

Really nice story even if it doesn’t really focus on Hannah’s love story. It’s quite confusing who will she end up with because there are three guys in the scene. First is the unattainable crush Quin, then the raging Diego, and that shy cute guy Robbie. I don’t know yet who I think is for Hannah yet because they all have their own unique personalities and charms. Let’s see when the second book comes out. YES, this is Mina’s first series! I can’t wait!

Fairy Tale Fail. So Ellie believes in fairy tales? That in the end, if she passed the three challenges, the guy he wants (even if he hurt her before and will) will come back to her and have their happy ever after? Not really my kind of book because I hate main characters who are so dumb sticking with a guy who is so unfair and insufferable. Ellie is a strong woman, I don’t get it why she (and other girls) still thinks that her ex-boyfriend will come back and how she still plans to accept him back after he treated her that way? I just can’t imagine. But I love Ellie when she decided to be awesome and move on with her life because really, you can’t depend or focus your life on a guy like that. She is great with her job, her attitude is kind of cool. Why the hell she has to get back with Don?! She needs a good slapping sometimes.

Also, Lucas, I don’t know. Maybe he isn’t my type of guy? I kind of imagined him as that macho guy from Showtime or Derek Ramsey so I cringed most of the time while reading it.

My Imaginary Ex. Actually, I read this 3 months ago during my shift while the Philippines was being destroyed by the monsoon rain. I can’t remember the exact details in the story but I assure you that this one is such a really cute story! Zach asked Jas to pretend to be her ex-girlfriend and acted like they’re best friends. They fell in love with each other but wasn’t able to admit it to themselves. Really cute story! I remember I can’t stop giggling while reading it. I was lucky that the clinic door was closed and the employees didn’t saw me smiling like an idiot.

YAY! One more book left! Hope I can find a good copy of Love Your Frenemies soon :)

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3 thoughts on “The Mina V Esguerra Marathon

  1. Yaaay! Mina V. Esguerra fans alert! :)) I really REALLY want to read No Strings Attached and My Imaginary Ex (which is a companion book to Love Your Frenemies, I think). I hope NBS will have copies soon! :)

  2. We have the same top fave: Interim Goddess of Love! Woot! I have only one left book TBR: That Kind of Guy. And oh my, I want to meet the real Dante Del Rosario!!!!!!!

    Tricia, you’re beautiful okay. if you think you are not the “ligawin” type, then guys here are dumb.

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