The Amazing Adventures of the Escapist [Volume 1]

I told you, I’m shamelessly obsessed with Michael Chabon’s The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay. I can’t seem to move on with the book hang-over after reading it and to make the matter worse, I discovered the graphic novels entitled The Amazing Adventures of the Escapist by Michael Chabon featuring Kavalier and Clay’s brainchild, the Escapist. It has different fictional news, history, and essays about the comic books during the birth of comic books and the Escapists, the Depression, the WWII, and the Golden Age which made the book somewhat real (and I really thought the history the book was telling was true because the contributor writers mentioned a LOT of famous comic book artists). Aside from that, it included the main attraction of the book: the story of the Escapist. If you don’t know, the Escapist is an escape artist (you know, like Houdini) showing amazing feats of escapology and he’s a part of the League of the Golden Key that fights tyranny (Iron Chain gang) and save the oppressed and bounded by the chain!

This volume even included a Japanese version of the Escapist by Toni Leonard Tamai. Actually, I enjoyed this volume a lot because of different story lines by different writers and illustrations of different artists.

Aside from the Escapist, this volume also introduced another brainchild of Kavalier and Clay—LUNA MOTH! She’s a librarian named Judy Dark in the undergrounds of a public library by day, heroine by night. She was chosen by the old moth goddess to be the next bearer of the mystical powers after some thugs tried to steal an ancient magical book at the library and shot her. Fortunately, she was revived and transformed into a heroine named Luna Moth. According to Chabon, “a woman with the legs of Dolores Del Rio, black witchy hair, and breasts each the size of her head.”

I SUPER LOVE HER STORIES AND THE ILLUSTRATIONS. Let me show you some of the pages that really impressed me (the photos didn’t give justice to the actual pages of the books. Believe me).

So there. Amazing, no? I am really impressed of Michael Chabon. He really has a mind of creativity and awesomeness.

I just also found out that the The Amazing Adventures of the Escapist has eight (8) volumes. I’m yet to look for the other six (6) volumes here. I got my copies of Volumes 1 and 3 at Fullybooked BHS branch for P899 and P750 (I know, they’re expensive as all other graphic novels are but I got these with 50% off the original price because these were the last copies in their store so YAY).

So what do you think of masked superheroes? :)

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One thought on “The Amazing Adventures of the Escapist [Volume 1]

  1. So cool! I didn’t know about this graphic novel version lol :)) lucky you got the 50 % off w:ow that’s amazing XD

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