So yesterday was unexpected. Ate Ayen and I had an impromptu date and were able to watch POTTED POTTER at RCBC Plaza! I wasn’t expecting that I will be able to watch it because I don’t have anybody to watch it with me and my work schedule sucks big time so I tried my best to forget about it but I can’t, so I asked her if she wants to watch Potted Potter and luckily she has tickets (because it was sold-out, yo!) but was planning to sell them for some reasons. Because I am such a charming cousin of hers (not really), she didn’t sell them and we had the tickets for ourselves! WE REGRET NOTHING. I mean, really, it’s a world tour so you’ll never know when they are coming back, or if they will ever come back to have a show here so I am really happy to be able to watch this.

To tell you the truth, this is my first play (if this counts as a play, or if the Monster Rock! Musical I watched at Universal Studios Singapore doesn’t count as a play ), but anyway, it was a delightful experience. I never had strained my cheeks and jaws like this before or laughed all the way for seventy consecutive minutes. Jesse and Gary (Daniel and Jeff, I don’t which are their real names but whatever!) are so adorable. Actually, Gary reminds me of my dad when he dances…

We got the balcony seats and it was all right since the auditorium isn’t exactly that big so you can see the whole stage without any difficulties. The sound system was also great and the show was smooth-flowing. I really enjoyed the show!


Yep, that’s me and my cousin. Well, excuse my haggard face because I came from my morning shift, but see how happy we were!

Hope they show here the other Potted shows like Potted Panto and Potted Pirates!

*Potted Potter photos grabbed from Click The City webpage*

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4 thoughts on “POTTED POTTER!

  1. It’s Jesse and Gary :) The original Jeff and Dan couldn’t go on tour here in Manila so they held auditions. :D

    Come, Nagini! Haha. I still laugh when I remember it. :D

  2. Ayen on said:

    Quidditch! :D Hahaha! Til our next adventure! ^_^

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