What’s in My Bag? [1]

I always get interested when people post what is inside their bag. I get amused when they have notebooks, pens, planners, and books inside. It gives me an idea if one person is a writer or a reader. :) Above shows my own! This is my every day bag and these are the basic things I carry when I go to work:

1) Jansport bag—that is actually my brother’s—with a Snitch keychain; 2) umbrella—I don’t leave the house without it! I learned my lesson; 3) pouch for my pens, calculator, and scratch papers; 4) a copy of David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas from Atty. Monique; 5) a cutter—I don’t even know why it’s in my bag; 6) Coca-Cola pouch where I store my toiletries (and… make-up); 7) My Starbucks planner; 8) mints; 9) my office ID and RN license; 10) my coin purse; 11) sanitary napkins—I’m sorry! I hurriedly shoved it in my bag last night! I forgot to put them in the pouch; 12) medicines; 12) wet wipes; 13) earphones; 14) Ann Klein wallet; 15) house keys, coins, and bus tickets.

I carry too much things, no? That’s why I always bring big bags to work because I can’t leave without these. How about you? I am curious what’s inside your bags!

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One thought on “What’s in My Bag? [1]

  1. mavicbasilia on said:

    I also find it amusing when people post about the contents of their bags, so I’ll write a blog post in response to your question. Soon. :-)

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