Filipino Fridays [2]: School of Reading

Hep! Hep! Heeeeep! You know what it is today? It’s time fooooooor Filipino Friday! HAH! I sound like I’m a host of a variety show on local TV, no? Anyway, it’s our second Filipino Friday and here’s what we are talking about:

School of Reading. We all started reading somewhere, and more often than not, we were influenced by someone. Who got you into reading? Your parents? A friend? A librarian? One teacher who always lends out his/her books? How helpful was your school in helping your reading habit / fueling your book addiction?

It all started with that thin blue book with a Cat in the Hat on the front page :) It was actually the only book sent by my Aunt from the USA and I’ve read it a million times because it was the only good book in the house! The next book she sent was Lauren Day’s Rockett’s World: Are We There Yet? It was my first book—a book with many words book that I thought as a kid. I was amazed of how many the books in that series but I got disappointed by the fact that it wasn’t available in the country. I didn’t give up, though! I started borrowing my cousin’s Sweet ValletySeries and I’m, like, reading book after book! Book series are growing! From Sweet Valley to BabySitters Club, Boxcar Children, Girls Generation, Adventures of Alex Mack. I guess it was also influenced by my mother reading to us fairy tales before going to sleep. My reading habit wasn’t like I have now because of scarcity of books in my previous schools. They only have academic books! I got my books from BookSale, a secondhand book shop in the Philippines, and one wonderful day, my science teacher in High School saw me reading and we got into a conversation that she also like reading books especially the Love Stories books! She lent me all of her books and I really enjoyed reading them.

Hmmm, my previous schools’ libraries didn’t exactly play a huge part of me as a reader but I always wanted to help. Before I left High School, I donated my books—the series and secondhand books from BookSale—to my school library and I can’t explain the joy that the younger students picked them up. I still wonder if these kids grew up being a reader? I hope so!

How about you? What influenced your reading? Share it with us :)

To readers, book lovers, writers, authors and publishers, don’t forget to join our Second FILIPINO READER CONFERENCE: United We Read on August 18, 2012! For more details, please visit the Filipino Reader Con website and follow @PinoyReaderCon on Twitter.

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4 thoughts on “Filipino Fridays [2]: School of Reading

  1. You’re right I hope our alma mater got some sort of non-academic stuff ;)) that’s so nice of you giving away your hs was ok they’re trying their best to provide us some selections.I used to read all these bed time stories,fairytale and science stuff when I was a kid. My aunt gave me the harry potter series while my Godma lend me some sweet dreams series and let me read her book 3&4 of Harry Potter.My passion for reading was rekindled last year when my neighbor gave me a book,my Godma asked me to start blogging then you Ishay we talked lots of stuff about books then we’re like why didn’t we start this convo years ago lol you then introduced me to the wonderful goodreads filipino book community and the rest is history ;))

  2. i also remember when i first read a “real adult book” … so great! :) great to reconnect with you tricia!

    here’s my post:

  3. Wow! You’re so generous to give those away. I hope that they are still in your high school library (and are being borrowed by students).

  4. Salute, Tricia!

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