Filipino Friday [1]: Introductions

Filipino Friday is back! It’s a weekly meme done for the upcoming 2nd Filipino Reader Convention this August 18, 2012 at Filipinas Heritage Library, Makati! Anyone can join this online activity. Just head over the Filipino ReaderCon website! For this week’s topic:

Introductions. As with every start of a weekly meme, we need to know a bit about you! Talk about your top 3-5 (or more!) favorite books of all time, the genres you read and would never read, the books that surprised you this year. You can also talk about how you became a reader and why you love it so much! And finally, if you were in the ReaderCon last year, talk about your experience too! If you weren’t there, but you’re planning to go this year, then what do you expect for the upcoming ReaderCon?

Hi! My name is Tricia. I’m not a lesbian. I am a registered nurse working in one of the largest HMO companies in the country. I’ve been reading books since I was a kid and I remember my mother reading me and my brother fairy tales before going to sleep. Being a reader started with my addiction to Sweet Valley Twins series and that’s it! I didn’t realize that after finishing one book, I hurry to start another one. I became attached to Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield like we’re triplets :P

This blog was originally a personal diary but I realized that I blogged more about the books I read than what happens to my daily life. I decided to turn this little niche to a book blog where I talk about my first encounters and experiences with the books I’m reading.

Top 5 favorite books? THIS IS HARD. Actually, I have favorite reads per genre and it’s hard to say it here one by one. I’ll just mention a few titles (on the top of my head) like Ender’s Shadow/Game by Orson Scott Card, Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett, Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk, History of Love by Nicole Krauss, Feed by Mira Grant, Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan. Can I mention my favorite authors too? I have this habit of auto-buying books of my favorite authors like Neil Gaiman, John Green, Jasper Fforde, Melina Marchetta, Frank M. Baum, JRR Tolkien, Kazuo Ishiguro, JK Rowling, Suzanne Collins, and Stephanie Perkins. Right now, I am enjoying David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas and IT IS SO AMAZING. Also, I have this love for graphic novels and comic books! I love Filipino Comics by Gerry Alanguilan, Manix Abrera, Carlo Vergara, and Budjette Tan and KaJo Baldisimo. I also love Art Spiegelman’s MAUS, Karl Kesel’s Harley Quinn series, Fables by Bill Willingham, and Jeffrey Brown’s. (I think I mentioned too many titles? Sorry!)

ReaderCon last year was short but FUN! I get to know more about people in the blogging industry and learned more how to improve myself when it comes to writing and blogging. I get to hang out with my book club and book blogger friends, too!

What do I expect this year’s ReaderCon? I’m so excited for this ReaderCon because it’s a whole day event and we have many activities and programs to enjoy! We will also have the first ever Filipino Readers’ Choice Award! Don’t forget to nominate your favorite books here!

Filipino ReaderCon 2012: United We Read!

  • When: August 18, 2012 (Saturday), 8:00 am – 6:00 pm
  • Where: Filipinas Heritage Library, Makati City
  • Registration Fee: Php 150, inclusive of snacks and certificate
    Participants are free to have lunch at their preferred venue.

For more details, please follow ReaderCon thru the following social media networks:


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4 thoughts on “Filipino Friday [1]: Introductions

  1. Loved Ender’s Game to read the rest day. –Have a blast at the Con!

  2. I love your favorite authors list, it’s only Stephanie Perkins and Frank M. Baum (Is he the author of The Wizard of Oz?) whose works I haven’t had the chance to read yet.

    Is Harley Quinn one of the villains in Batman? The one whose often seen with Joker? If yes, I didn’t know she has her own comic book series.

    • Hi, Tin! Yes, she’s The Joker’s partner :) She’s one of my favorite villains along with Poison Ivy and The Joker! Yep, she has her own comics and I’m still to complete them.

  3. Hurray for Ishiguro! Hurray for Cloud Atlas!

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