I was taking pictures of the books for a post when I realized my bookshelf is disorganized and books are piling up on the topmost shelf. Also, take a look at the picture! The shelf is not as straight as it was before! Is this a sign that I have too much books? No. Actually, I sold couple of books last month. I just need a new bookshelf!

Nope! I’m not using fish-eye lens here! It’s really giving up. Hope I can find new stronger and bigger bookshelf soon.

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  1. I suggest that you get a shelf custom-made for you by a carpenter. The shelves we see in malls sometimes are only made of laminated wood, hence not very durable. I am so envious! My books are still inside plastic bins!

  2. Monique on said:

    I am actually going to ask my hubby for a new bookshelf on my birthday this year. Haha!

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