FED: the Alternative Ending

FED by Mira Grant is an alternative ending of the book FEED so don’t read this yet if you haven’t read the actual first book.

In my last blog post, I didn’t include the heartache that Feed’s last chapters caused me. It’s just too much for me to say it. It left me shook to the core and dumbfounded when I reached that moment when Shaun and Georgia were inside of the van. I can’t believe the words I was reading and I want to hurl every thing beside me (which of course I can’t do because I’m at the office clinic). I just want to break down and cry. It felt so real, like I’ve been with Georgia and Shaun. (See also: Never Get Attached To Fictional Characters).

I got curious when Charles Tan and Tina left a link on the Goodreads FEED buddy reads thread. It’s the alternative ending of FEED. I wonder if it’s better and more heartbreaking than the actual ending. It wasn’t. I didn’t like it at all. I mean, really?! I don’t see Georgia pulling that //wrist move. She’s so much better than that. I know Mira Grant is just experimenting but I’m just glad that this is not the ending of the book!

This time, I love you, Mira Grant.

Read FED on Facebook or download this PDF file.

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