Book Habits to Break: Starting Too Many Book Series

I just realized these days that I have that habit of starting different book series that I never intend to continue or finish. It’s annoying, I know! I also have this habit of hoarding the rest of the series when I don’t have an actual plan of starting them, or just because I saw a complete set.

Anyway, for the past 6 months, I’ve started four series. Haha! Here are the series I started:

Last February, I bought myself an omnibus of Douglas Adam’s The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (which consist of 5 books) for our book club. Too bad, it didn’t interest me that much (but believe me, there’s a bit of interest about this dorky thing) to continue reading the rest. I’m still waiting for the mood to pick this up again.

I started two series in the month of May. My copy Feed by Mira Grant was given to me last Christmas by Tina and I’m ashamed of myself for letting it sit for 5 months. Heh. They planned to re-read the whole series in preparation for the release of the third book in the The Newsflesh Trilogy, Blackout, so I decided to join them, and yes, this is now my new favorite novel. I will finish the entire series this year. I promise. The other book is Scott Westerfeld’s Leviathan, which is a historical slash dystopian slash steampunk book that interested me. It also has Keith Thompson’s amazing illustrations (that made me drool). It’s a good book but I’m still unsure to continue the series even if the second book, Behemoth, is at hand.

Lastly, Lord of the Rings Trilogy by JRR Tolkien. Believe me or not, I’m on the second book now. This is one of the series that I never thought I will ever read because 1) it’s intimidating, 2) it is too long for me, 3) it is a high fantasy series that surely will make my nose bleed, and 4) there are movies available for the series, but you know, scratch that. I’m eager to finish the trilogy this year (plus in preparation for the dorkfest for the The Hobbit film adaptation release this December!) It’s only June and I already have favorite reads for the year.

How about you? Do you have a line of series books to read this year? Are you committing to finish them all? Share!

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6 thoughts on “Book Habits to Break: Starting Too Many Book Series

  1. Ha! I do that all the time. I have no idea how many series I’ve started over the years. I’ve only seen a few all the way to the end.

  2. It might make your nose bleed also…but in the best way possible! I’ve been re-reading Terry Goodkind’s “The Sword of Truth” series and I cannot put the series down even the second time through! If you’re enjoying Tolkien, then I highly suggest Goodkind – his series is long and perhaps a little intimidating but once you get into it, you will 100% forget about the length!

    • Yes! I agree with you! I am really enjoying Tolkien right now :) thanks for the recommendation, I will check that out :) Good luck to me!

  3. So far, the only series I don’t feel like finishing anymore is Megan Whalen Turner’s The Queen’s Thief series. I read the first book and found it too boring for my taste. :(

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