Book Hauls and other updates!

Hello there, guys! Sorry for the long hiatus because I was busy adjusting with the new job in Makati. It’s quite hard since I used to go to work in Alabang, which is nearer to my place, and Makati is far, more complicated, and has heavier traffic. Also, I don’t have a computer access, let alone the Internet, in the new workplace. Anyway, during my free time, I am able to read books (which is a YAY! to me).

Because I found a new job, I always make sure that I reward myself for a job well done. Wonder what reward it is? What else!

HEY, NOT ALL OF THOSE BOOKS! Just the top four books were bought for the month of May.

So finally! I’ve been meaning to read Ned Vizzini books for the last years but I always forget to get a copy (same with the Geektastic book). I’d probably still not be reading these books if Ingrid didn’t lend me her copy of It’s Kind of a Funny Story. This led to book hunting and splurging the rest of Vizzini’s books.

I got the books (except Teen Angst) from FullyBooked and Bibliarch (which is basically the same company). It’s amazing how they transferred the Ned Vizzini books from one branch to another in a span of 3 days! As for Geektastic, Bibliarch called me to inform that the book has a slight damage on the cover, I didn’t show up to get the book (I’m OC like that!). Good thing about them, they had a new copy transferred to their branch! I’m surprised that they did it without asking me if I still want to get the book. Job well done :)

Anyway, I really enjoyed the books! Keep reading, guys!

Update: Apparently, I just checked the book Geektastic. It still have a damage on the cover. I think it’s the one that I didn’t want and the new copy is left at the store. Hope I can exchange it to the other copy!

Update: I was able to exchange the damaged copy of Geektastic to a brand new one! YAY!

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