GR-TFG 2nd anniversary and more!

Can I say how much I miss this? Life things are on the way too much I forgot to update this little abode I have in the Internet. I have so many things to share to you, guys, like, SO MANY THINGS HAPPENED for two weeks! Of course, it’s always book-related. I mean, really, my life is almost about books!

Anyway, if you’ve been reading my blog, you know that I am a member of book clubs in the Internet, how they are meeting up every month, and I am always absent? Ha! NOT ANYMORE! I’m no more a Face-to-Face book discussion virgin. Goodreads-The Filipino Group met twice this month and I am proud to say that I was there on both events! Can you beat that?!

Disclaimer: This is a TL;DR post.

Last April 15, 2012, we celebrated the group’s second anniversary at Max’s Restaurant with our guest Filipino poet, Jim Agustin Pascual, who beautifully inspired us to read and write our poems. It’s a good thing that we were exposed this genre; honestly, I’m no reader of poems. Sure, I’ve read some, like Winnie-the-Pooh (Heh), but it’s not like those hardcore poems like Neruda, Shakespeare, and what-not.
I suck at public speaking so you may notice how sweaty and nervous I was when it’s my turn to read my poem. I read Elaine Lazaro’s poem:
O, Elaine Lazaro.
                    You      told
             me      your       mother
       sells              her        laughter
    I   asked       you,  how?          You
  just         shrugged    your         bony
 shoulders.         My brows      furrowed:
 What is   the        shape of              this
  laughter      then?    You  drew       a
     circle.      Ten years             later,
         you        sell yours;        the
               snake   is        eating
                      its  own  tail.
                                 Sabi   mo sa’kin,
                      inilalako          ng      nanay
                  mo   ang        kanyang           mga
               halakhak.         Tinanong              kita
            kung paano?      Ikinibit   mo             lang
           ang iyong        butuhang                   balikat.
           Kumunot     ang aking          noo:          Ano
           ba kako     ang hugis     nitong     halakhak.
             Gumuhit     ka pa-bilog.          Sampung
               taon     makalipas,      inilalako   mo
                  naman       iyo.       Nanginginain
                      ang           ahas     sa sarili
                             nitong     buntot.
Elaine Lazaro, who happens to be my friend since high school, is a published writer and poet; her works are included in anthologies like Jim Agustin Pascual. She’s one of my inspiration and the one who pushed me into writing even if I’m not really a writer. Cue: big fat tears.
Then, the most anticipated F2F discussion I’ve been waiting for. I’ve prepared enough for this discussion because it’s my first time to attend the actual book discussion with my bookish friends and SAYING I’VE ENJOYED IT IS AN OVERSTATEMENT. But, it’s true, I really enjoyed the discussion. I think I talked too much that day I don’t have anything to say here anymore.
(L-R: Our moderator Tina Matanguihan, birthday cake for Charlotte Brontë, Jane Eyre book and lovely bookmarks, the early birds, the group photo)

I haven’t fully wrote my thoughts about Jane Eyre in my blog, but I want you to know that I like that classic book. Jane Eyre is my heroine, even if sometimes, she’s such a drama queen. I never liked the other characters such as Rochester (even if I was smitten the first time I encountered his name while reading) and St. John (even if he is so guapo). Both those guys are really, really, really manipulative and self-absorbed! Anyway, I’ll save my raging fury about those guys in another post.

We had our discussion at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Ortigas, and this is yet the largest number of attendees (more than 25?). Also, our lovely moderator, Tina of One More Page, prepared us yummy revel bars while we talk about the book. She was not that prepared, actually. With those home-made revel bars, bookmarks with five different designs, candles, and more than 30 questions?! Nope, she was not prepared. Haha!

Also, that day, we celebrated Charlotte Brontë‘s 196th birthday! What a coincidence, no? That’s why we had a cake for her! With the intense heat and summer weather, DC/Camille managed to come in a Victorian-inspired outfit for the discussion! It’s rare to see a woman in Victorian Era outfit having tea in the middle of the city ;)

I had chocolate overload that day = CBTL double chocolate drink + Tina’s revel bars + JL chocolates. (See also: This is why I am fat)

(L-R Cary, Ingrid, Jzhunagev, Rollie (covered by the chicken—haha!), Aprilyn, Wilfred, JL, and yours truly)

By evening, with our active sweat glands and dugyot state, we had our dinner at Mang Inasal. It’s also my first time to stay with the group after 5PM! I live in Las Pinas and I have a curfew (being the only daughter in the family), I always have to leave early when I am with the group. I stayed and I REGRET NOTHING. I REGRET NOTHING. I REGRET NOTHING. It’s evident in the picture! (Heh, not that. I know what you are thinking. I am talking to you, GR-TFG friends. LOL)

Next month, we will have another F2F discussion—On the Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta—this coming May 19, 2012. Join our online discussion and this will be the best decision you will do in your life!

Photos by Ella and Louize.

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7 thoughts on “GR-TFG 2nd anniversary and more!

  1. Haha Tricia I love this post. :D No, I wasn’t prepared, hahaha.

    See you on the Jellicoe Road (I mean, the real one. haha I wish :D)!

  2. Monique on said:

    I love the last picture, Tricia! You look so happy, and I love it when you’re happy! :D

  3. I enjoyed this post, Tricia. And yes, you really look happy. :P

    Hope to see you (and I quote Tina) on the Jellicoe Road!

  4. ForesterCary on said:

    yey! love the photos!

  5. Bertha! Calm down! See you again on May! :D

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