Also: Being Mature and Busy on the First Week of the Month but Not Really.

  • First day of the month: The twins’ birthday! We planned a simple party and program, and had feast for my Dad and Tita Azon’s 50th birthday. The so-called DIET was ruined! Month’s worth of work-out and diet GONE. THOSE CUPCAKES ARE EVILLLLL. LOL.
  • I also discovered my AMAZING, GREAT, AND AWESOME MODELING PHOTOBOMBING SKILLS here, here, and here.
  • Beautiful view from our new office clinic window. So better than the last one that doesn’t have a window (felt like I was in jail and so lonely, lonely, lonely when I stayed there).
  • Book of the month: Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë! So far, so good.
  • Had examinations and interviews from the 3 companies I applied for! I’m praying that I get the job I wanted.
  • There’s a funny question in the exam: I’m more interested in: a.) seeking personal meaning in life; b.) a secure job that pays well—I know the answer to letter a. It is 42! 42! 42! (Only geeks can understand this. Aye? Aye!)
  • I’m my mom’s stalker. Heh, just kidding. Killed time at mom’s office after my exam and interview. I was shook to the bones when the Medical Director talked to me about my online freelance job and my written articles! Also, went to see the office crush—LOLJK.
  • Got bored at the office and went to Walter Mart Makati because there’s a Bibliarch branch there. I was so tempted to buy a new book—I have FullyBooked 500GC with me—but I bought this Korean ice cream instead. Nomnom. Ice cream + chiffon cake FTW!
  • On duty on a Good Friday. No employees for the morning shift. I don’t even know why am I on duty! Anyway, I’ve been reading Jane Eyre for this week. Really good but there are parts that are so dragging and boring, like, I want to slap Jane and Mr. Rochester. JUST KISS ALREADY IF YOU WANT TO DO IT, OKAY?
  • The clinic’s desk. Yep, no specific task for that day so I’m free to do anything I want (a.k.a Internet surfing, sleep, etc) + double pay. DOUBLE PAY! HOORAY!
  • Went to the office clinic without breakfast or packed lunch—too lazy to cook when I’m on 6-2 shift—My Superman went to buy me coffee and Fita Mellark (lol) for my breakfast <3 we also had lunch together! (FYI: his building is just in front of our building. Quite a stalker, no? loljk)
  • I’m hungry. Again.
  • I just remembered, I have another article to write. The topic is too broad and I’m still thinking of what aspect of the topic I should write about. I need motivation!

P.S. Sorry, I talk too much.

P.P.S. This post should be entitled This Week in Words and Pictures.


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