Disclaimer: This isn’t exactly a movie review; I just want to talk.

A lot of people are asking me if I really like the film adaptation of this best-selling trilogy by Suzanne Collins, The Hunger Games. Almost everyone who knows me how much I love and fan-girl this series and watching the movie on it’s premiere night is a big thing. I did see the movie last night (March 21, 8pm at the Mall of Asia) and I still don’t know what is my verdict about the film.

To those who didn’t know the story about, the story takes place in the country called Panem, where the Capitol rules the twelve districts of the country. After the District 13 vanished because they sparked a rebellion against the Capitol, they created a “Treaty of Peace” where the remaining twelve district will have two Tributes to represent their district to the annual Hunger Games where they will kill each other in an arena. The Hunger Games is a televised all over Panem, where it became an entertainment to the citizens of the Capitol—the Tributes are treated like celebrities, they bet on their favorites or even became their sponsors. The Games serves as a reminder to the remaining districts that the Capitol is still the greater power, that no one can ever defeat them.

I still have the feeling of being dizzy and dream-like that I felt last night. It’s, like, shit just got real, I’m watching the Hunger Games right here, right now. I had too many feelings I don’t know which one to feel first.The film captured perfectly the emotions that you have when you read the book—the hopelessness of the districts, Prim’s screams and bawls, Rue’s death, the scene when you hear the Career’s voices and footsteps, and of course, the anger against the Capitol. The cinematography of the movie is unique. It gives me the feeling that we’re running in the woods with the Tributes. I don’t know much about editing and transitions, but it is something that I can’t forget. All I can say is that, you’re in for a treat!

What I like about the film is that it remained faithful to the book. If you already read the book, you may say that there are some parts that are removed or changed, but it’s okay; Gary Ross told in an interview that it is true that there are scene that are let go, but it is a decision they made with Suzanne Collins.

The main characters are unforgettable. Jennifer Lawrence is the perfect Katniss. I love how she is Katniss. I can’t imagine any other person who will portray Katniss’ role for the film. You can see the fierce girl on fire in her! What a brilliant performance! I am somehow underwhelmed about Peeta. I think the movie focused too much on Katniss and they’ve forgotten about Peeta. C’mon, Katniss will not win the Games if it weren’t for Peeta! Josh Hutcherson is adorable, but there are limited scenes for him in the movie. For example, I was expecting to see his performance (which got a score of an 8) but they didn’t! It’s so weird because Peeta is also the star of District 12. Anyway, I still love the boy with the bread :) There are scenes that made me laugh, like, when they arrived at the Capitol and Peeta was waving to the public. He looks simpleminded and he’s playing the Games right at that moment, and THE CAMOUFLAGE! I love how the people in the theater had the same gasps and reactions! It’s so awesome.

Some found the romance between Peeta and Katniss (lol, Team Peeniss) lacking (if not absent). I don’t think so. I mean, the movie isn’t exactly a romantic film though I found myself squealing in my head when Katniss kissed Peeta. Also, remember? Katniss is still confused if Peeta really likes her! :D I am glad that Gary Ross didn’t made this movie the typical raging-hormones-and-libido teenage franchise.


About Cinna, at first, I never liked Lenny Kravitz playing the role for Cinna. I TOTALLY LOVE CINNA and he can be, like, everybody’s gay best friend. I never had faith on Lenny Krevitz, but I take that back. Lenny did a great job on it, even if his actions revealed too much (you know, things that will happen on Catching Fire).

There are times in the movie that I can’t stop thinking that there will be Zombie attacks when Haymitch (Woody Harrelson) takes the screen. He did okay with being funny, but he didn’t with being drunk. He’s quite sober almost the whole movie! It’s a miracle that Haymitch remained sober that long! Just kidding, sweetheart :)

Effie. Elizabeth Banks captured the true image of the Capitol. I mean, seriously, when she showed up at the District Twelve, she looks really different and odd. THE ACCENT! I can’t forget how her voice gives me goosebumps when she greeted the District 12 (Hello, hello, Happy Hunger Games line). And oh, I super love how she gives side comments on Katniss—”Manners!“, “That’s Mahogany!

Portia and others. Ugh, I don’t know, but I wasn’t able to remember which is Portia, Octavia, Flavius, and Venia. I wish the movie took time to present them! They’re such fun characters, you know.


Is it just me or the movie somehow reminds me of Star Wars? Not that I’m a Star Wars fan because I haven’t seen a single episode (for sure, Aaron is going to kill me) but Capitol looks futuristic and… sparkly. The citizens of the Capitol are overdressed and fashion-forwarded, but it isn’t what I imagined. I thought there will be overuse of cosmetic surgery where some of them are green or blue-skinned, but anyway, they have big colorful hair and a lot of pastel-colored clothes!

Caesar Flickerman is the man! One can’t simply forget his toothpaste-commercial smile and I forgot that this guy is Stanley Tucci! I didn’t recognize him because I was too stunned and mesmerized with the blue hair and that sparkly white teeth.

Seneca Crane, well, his beard stands alone. In fairness, Wes Bentley looked gorgeous with that beard, but there are times I can’t stop thinking that he has horns, red cape, and in Hell.


I don’t want to talk about them one by one because this post is becoming TL;DR, but, man, these guys (Career Tributes) gave me mini heart attacks. Whenever they chase Katniss, my heart is pounding against my chest. Good thing I’m controlled and didn’t start screaming OH MY GOD RUN KATNISS RUN



There is this thing going on about The Hunger Games vs Battle Royale. I don’t get it why people keep on comparing the two. Yes, they both have the same killing-each-other-in-an-arena storyline, but they’re completely different! Suzanne Collins even clarified the issue that she didn’t copy the story from Battle Royale. The Hunger Games is inspired with the Greek story about the Minotaur.

I’m a big fan of Battle Royale way back when it was released and I really like it. It is bloodier and gorier that made The Hunger Games looks like it’s for kids. Well, you can say that, but I still think THG movie is a great film (for me who isn’t much a fan of gore films). I like and enjoyed it despite the flaws it has.

I’m excited to see the next film next November 2013! Catching Fire is the favorite book among the series!

Sorry for the long post :P


Pictures are not mine, obviously. Googled them! :)

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  2. ammarla on said:

    The Hunger Games is so worthy of a long post! Too much excitement for Nov 22, 2013!

  3. Aw yeah, don’t tell anyone but I honestly think I’m a bibliophile sometimes… But that’s okay when I can find fellow book lovers on the internet! :D
    If you really want them they’re available on Amazon! The Sherlock Holmes, Oscar Wilde, Brontë Sisters and Edgar Allan Poe ones are all so perfect and I have to buy them as soon as possible <3 <3 ?!?!
    Thanks, you too. :)

    • Haha! I think this comment was related to the beautiful books you have? :) I wish I can order online, but I can’t. Happy Hunger Games!

      • Oh, that’s so sad! Why?
        (Sorry I’m replying late, it didn’t occur to me that you might use the reply-button instead of commenting on my blog and such, I mean, most people do that so yeah…. ;))
        Saw it again last night! It gets better and better, and the score is absolutely wonderful. :3

  4. *sigh*, that comment should’ve been posted from this account. Sorry about that. Also, THE HUNGER GAMES!! *fangirl-spasm*

  5. Very nice blog!

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