To Gotham City with Love, xoxo Batman & BaTricia

Ka-baduyan and ka-corny-han aside, for the love for Batman, one night, a weird song came to me with an altered lyrics. Do you guys all know The Moffats? For all those who are 90s kids or the “boy-band era”, raise your hands! *raises hands*

If you don’t, here they are:

They were popular in the 90s and their popular songs are “I’ll Be There For You”, “Girl of My Dreams”, “If Life Is So Short”, and “Miss You Like Crazy.”

So last night, after my Ronda-Patrol and before going to sleep, a song suddenly played in my head; it’s weird that my head automatically changed the lyrics (ugh, I hate it when thoughts and ideas come in the middle of the night.) and it’s all about…

(Sorry, I have to do that again. It’s so fun to see and sing it! Haha!)

Disclaimer: It’s really corny and please don’t laugh.

In the tune of: I’ll Be There For You by The Moffats.

Nananana Nanana NanaBatman
Nananana Nanana Nananana

I saw this morning that BatSignal is up
I hate to see Gotham city so drastic and so lonely
It isn’t easy when you’re all by yourself
Saving the city, fighting crimes
with Joker’s bad tricks

I know I look so fine
You got me on your back
’cause Gotham,
I’ll be there for you
when you need some saving
I’ll be there for you
when you want someone who’s sane
If you’re down and feeling nuts, I’ll be there..
I’ll be there for You
When you call me, I’ll be there.

Nananana Nanana NanaBatman
Nananana Nanana Nananana



Anyway, don’t forget that David Finch is coming to the Philippines! He is a Joe Shuster Award winner for Outstanding Artist and the one who’s behind the stencil pencil art for Batman. He is now creating a new series, Batman: The Dark Knight, about the first story arc that deals with the detective’s supernatural cases. He is invited by Fully Booked to have book signings, talks, and art contests. Click the banner for more awesome details:

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2 thoughts on “To Gotham City with Love, xoxo Batman & BaTricia

  1. Naks, Tricia! I suddenly remembered my obsession with Hanson back in my elementary days.

    Natuwa ako sa Lyrics mo and yeah. Napakanta ako. LOL.

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