BaTricia: Not a Lesbian

So, Batman again. I don’t want to talk about Batman because he steals my spotlight, but I don’t have any choice but to talk about him. This Bloggers Challenge by FullyBooked is about Batman after all… Oh, by the way, if you don’t know, for this event, I declared myself a superhero and named…

*ehem* Excuse my mad MS Paint skillz. My creativity skillz in using programs such as MS Paint and Photoshop is non-existent but, hey, I’m still cool with my superhero name… BATRICIA (JSYK, I introduced myself here).

Being a superhero is hard and wouldn’t be useful to humanity if there are no archenemies, villains, or bad guys in the story. Of course! How can you save humanity from good guys, huh?! The world is a cruel place to live, there are always bad guys that are ready to do cruel things to you even if you do good things to other people (okay, this sentence is full of drama). Anyway, you may ask, who is my favorite Batman villain? I’ll describe her as one sexy woman, hot, funny, gorgeou—whoops! Uhm… Ah… Eh… You know, she’s really, really EVOOOOOOOOL and a bad, wicked person. I hate her with passion and of a thousand burnin—Okay, maybe, I’m just exaggerating here…

Her name is Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel. She is more popularly know as “Harley Quinn” because of her harlequin jester costume and manners. She happened to be a frequent accomplice and the on-off girlfriend of Batman’s nemesis, the Joker. Harley Quinn is also best buds with Poison Ivy and they look hot—ugh, evil, together.

So far, I haven’t met her during my Ronda-Patrol moments around the metro but I’m watching that Mental Hospital in Mandaluyong… If you don’t know, Dr. Harleen is a Psychologist and she may be having her secret lair there… *devil’s laugh*

(photos from Batman: Mad Love by Paul Dini and Bruce Timm)

The first time I saw her graphic novel at FullyBooked Shang branch, I knew that I am going to like it. I am having hard time looking for these comic books, I don’t know, most of them are out of stock! Some of them are kind of expensive, but NO REGRETS AND LOOK AT THESE GORGEOUS BABIES:

Hey, don’t take me as a lesbian. I’m not obsessed with her. Remember, I hate Harley Quinn! I just use these comics to track her activities and familiarize myself to her strategies and techniques. I’m a superhero!

Oh, guys, don’t forget that David Finch is coming to the Philippines! He is a Joe Shuster Award winner for Outstanding Artist and the one who’s behind the stencil pencil art for Batman. He is now creating a new series, Batman: The Dark Knight, about the first story arc that deals with the detective’s supernatural cases. He is invited by Fully Booked to have book signings, talks, and art contests. Check out this page for more awesome details!

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