BaTricia: an Introduction

Hallo, hallo! Have you heard that David Finch is coming to the Philippines this March? OH YES, HE IS! If you are not familiar who he is, David Finch is a Joe Shuster Award winner for Outstanding Artist and the one who’s behind the stencil pencil art for Batman. He is now creating a new series, Batman: The Dark Knight, about the first story arc that deals with the detective’s supernatural cases. He is invited by Fully Booked to have book signings, talks, and art contests. Check out this page for more awesome details!

In lieu to this event, bloggers are given a challenge to participate where we are going to talk about… BATMAN! Challenge?

We all grew up knowing Batman. We had seen the animated series and movies with Batman and Robin, I bet you owned at least one Batman action figure, read the comic books, or at least sang…


I admit that I am not really a hardcore fan of Batman now but I was into Batman when I was a kid. I have a picture in my head of me playing it with my brother (why, of course, with my Barbie doll, duh!). Batman is the instant boyfriend of my Barbie doll because I don’t have a Ken doll. Why should I bother, anyway? Hello, Ken doesn’t even have those Batman abs, or a Batcave! So, here’s the picture:


OH MY GOD, wrong picture! I can’t find the other picture from the baul but I have some pictures from the photo albums when I was a kid. Since my mother put so much girly stuff on me (Barbie forever), my brother was the one who has the Batman things (toys and clothes). I’m want to say sorry to my brother (and my cousins) for posting our ridiculous childhood pictures but seriously, brother? Why do you have to wear that Batman shirt all the time? I have other pictures with you wearing this! (I love you, by the way, if you read this. Or not.)

I remember the times I always play Batman with my brother with my Aunt giving us Batman toys. For that reason, I realized that I am truly a Batman lover and I declared myself as BATRICIA!

Anyway, this is just an introduction of the series of Batricia. I am not revealing myself or what I look like yet but I assure you I am truly his wife. Screw you, Catwoman.

I’ll be back… I’ll be back…

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3 thoughts on “BaTricia: an Introduction

  1. Let me just say that this post is the CUTEST!

    So cute, I wanna die! Haha! :D

    Good luck!

    I know the crime-fighting Batricia can nail this blog challenge and take home the price! Yeah! \m/

  2. haha ^_^ nice post. very cute-uh! :)

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