Happy New Year! (because I can’t think of a creative title!)

It’s the last day of 2011 here in the Philippines and I don’t know if I am ready to let go of 2011 (like I have a choice!) and meet 2012! Overall, 2011 is such a good year. There are times it sucked but good times outweighed it. If you remember my bookish new year’s resolution, I think I met some of them like:

  • Being involved in my bookish community (Goodreads, yo!)
  • Consistent in putting up book blog posts and had a good number of readers (Thank you, guys!)
  • Read some books in my TBR (oh, yes, I did!)
  • Read 68 books this year (I know! My goal is 70. I think I completed it if I count The Pillars of the Earth as 3 books but of course, that’s cheating!)
  • And… my TBR doubled (don’t judge!)

In addition to that, I called 2011: The year of firsts and surprises. I have things achieved in 2011 that made my year this awesome and I am really thankful for. Here are some of the highlights of 2011:

  • My first out-of-the -country trip with my mom: Singapore.

    I loved how free I am to roam the place alone, eat different cuisine (Laksa pasta and that Stingray what-you-call-it), Universal Studio Singapore, Marina Bay Sand, that book hunt I did, and the subway. I REALLY LOVE IT AND I AM GOING BACK TO VISIT THE OTHER SIDE OF THE SINGAPORE.

  • I work for the first time as a freelance writer for 9 months and still receiving loads of papers and articles to write—I love it because it makes me apply and practice writing stuff. I don’t call myself a writer yet. It doesn’t mean that I write for a living, it makes me a writer. Anyway, I am enjoying this!
  • I remember the feeling of being a grown-up because I opened my own bank account, having my own ATM card with my name on it, and receive my salary from my writing gigs.
  • I watched for the first time for free: Hillsong United Live in Manila with a special person.
  • I worked as hospital nurse in a primary hospital in Las Pinas and I am proud of myself for working without pay and I learned a lot. I met new friends!
  • Being part of the church ministry: YAMO
  • I finally met my friends from Goodreads The Filipino Group and we had a couple of meet-ups within the year! I made new friends that will truly last. They are so awesome, you know? In addition to that, we, Filipino Book Bloggers, had the first ever Pinoy Reader Convention last September!
  • I also work now as a company nurse reliever in Alabang and I am praying that I will be a regular employee next year!
  • This one is quite funny but it is a big achievement for me: I wear girl clothes! I’ve been wearing boyish clothing all my life so I decided to change something about it and I did! Of course, I will not stick with dresses and girly stuff, I will try other fashion style (Fuma-fashion forward!)
  • I am proud of my self because I didn’t abandon my planner (which I did with last planners I had) and I am thinking of getting another planner or use the same one (because I have two copies).
  • Made up with people in the past and restored friendships.

And now, WHAT IS MY GOAL FOR 2012? I’m still thinking about it because I am the type of person who is really afraid to fail (and end up not trying at all—what a loser, I know) but I guess I have to do it.

  • I have to get out of my comfort zone.
  • Watch more movies—I was doing a blog about it but abandoned it in the process. I watched but never had time to blog about them.
  • Watch more concerts—lol, I am missing the Laneway Festival in Singapore but I am hoping the rumor about SSLYBY visiting Manila is true!
  • Read more books—actually, I always have quantity challenge since 2009 but I guess I will not have it in 2012. I want to enjoy reading more. I don’t want to cram and read so fast that I almost skimmed the book.
  • To find a decent work as a nurse—I am still praying to be a regular employee in this company I am working part-time.
  • Be a giver. I’ve received a lot of blessing this 2011, it’s now my time to be the one who gives.
  • I have this one dream and I want to achieve it this year—hopefully!
  • Restore old relationships in the past
  • Be more active in church! In my ministries! YAMO! Kids Church!
  • Save money to buy an e-reader: Nook Touch or Nook Color!
  • Have a decent camera to take pictures of my books

That’s quite a list, you think? I am hoping and praying for a great year ahead!
Keep safe and Happy new year, guys!

(Picture Credit: Tumblr)

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7 thoughts on “Happy New Year! (because I can’t think of a creative title!)

  1. I’m glad you checked some of your commitments last year and always check your comment section, I’m addicted to book blogs lately or maybe another syndrome of having so-gay book blog again. Haha. I might watch movie and read less books this year, concentrate to studies and less meet-ups. 2011 is the worst year that came to my life so far, not to include the year when I was born. I don’t know how my mom got her patience. Haha.

    Happy New Year Trish and ILY! Haha. The snow…

  2. 2011 was a good year, yes? :) Here’s to 2012! Happy new year Tricia! See you soon :)

  3. Happy new year, Tricia, my hair-look alike! Cheers to more books in 2012! :D

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