Sometime last month, I joined a book giveaway hosted by Kenna of Mensis Liber and I am drawn to this book because it looks cool since it’s a hand-made book.

I WON THE CONTEST and I just received the package this morning! Here is the hand-made copy of The Living Stories (it’s also available on Decoding Static/Andy Harrod’s blogsite). It looks so nice and beautiful! It’s so kind of Andy to give me an artwork with a message [not pictured] on the back :)

The Living Room Stories consists of seven short stories Andy wrote for seven days. It is also inspired of the Ólafur Arnalds’ Living Room Songs which I listened and OH MY GOD, IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL. You should listen to them, too.

Thank you so much to Kenna of Mensis Liber and Decoding Static/Andy Harrod for this! Will read write about this soon, just watch this space! :)

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4 thoughts on “I GOT MY MAIL FROM ENGLAND!

  1. Thank you Tricia for posting about my Living Room Stories and art. I am so happy you are enjoying it :) Looking forward to your next post about it. Andy

  2. Lovely, congratulations dear and keep reading!

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