Midnight Rants [not anymore] about TWOLP; not a review

I’ve been spending my time on one book that is Jasper Fforde’s The Well of Lost Plots. Every time I read a Fforde book, it always takes me two weeks (or more!) to read it. There are times I really want to abandon this one because it’s a little bit of dragging and all it talks about is the this or that of the BookWorld. Okay, let’s say it IS important to understand the series’ alternative world but can we just move on with the story without complicating every concept too much of the BookWorld? Or, maybe because the BookWorld is one crazy complicated world to live in but I don’t live in it so why am I bothering to understand it anyway? (Oh, crap, don’t mind me, it’s my own problem after all!) (Actually, I am just experiencing  Information Overload). In addition to that, Fforde has the habit of writing flashbacks over and over and over and over again. I think he has written the Crimea  incident and the death of Anton more than five times in the first three books of the Thursday Next Series—no, this book alone! I mean, really, are you not getting tired of having it read more than it is needed? It is quite annoying on my part since in the third book, it [Crimea War] has been one of Thursday’s horrible memories that she don’t want to recall (according to the damn Aornis) but still, recalled over and over again! Damn and Blast! Can you believe it? It is like Aornis herself is messing up my head—errr, or the book! OR IS SHE REALLY MESSING MY HEAD RIGHT NOW?

Anyway, if I didn’t borrow this book from a friend, I will abandon it for a while to clear my head off but of course I can’t because I have return this book next week. That mean, I am stuck with this book. whether I like it or not. Hey, don’t get wrong here! I love the series so I am enjoying it even if it is a bit dragging!

P.S. I am less than a hundred away from the ending!

P.P.S. Sorry for the crappy photo. I just want to show off my new plaid pajama bottoms. And yeah, that’s the book without the dust jacket.

DAMN AND BLAST! I take everything I’ve said above! THIS BOOK. AHHHHHHHHH! THIS BOOK! Guys, I don’t know what to say! The first part may be a little bit of dragging but the last chapters of the book! The revelations! The prophecies! The deaths! THE FREAKING DEATHS! I can’t help myself moping and bawling over those deaths! The love! The friendships! I can’t believe this book. I also noticed myself cracking up of Cat’s jokes! (Cat, formerly The Chesire, you’re the best forever!)

Jasper Fforde, you never failed me. I love you forever and ever. That’s why I am working my ass off to complete the The Thursday Next Series, the Nursery Crimes series, and so forth.

Here are the Jasper Fforde books I have (with the exception of The Well of Lost Plots which I borrowed from Celina):

To anyone who reads this, who loves me, who is generous enough, who is a book lover, who is a Jasper Fforde fan, or to Jasper Fforde: I would gladly accept a copy of The Well of Lost Plots and One of Our Thursdays is Missing for Christmas.

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2 thoughts on “Midnight Rants [not anymore] about TWOLP; not a review

  1. Aw, this is my favorite in the series! I hope it picks up for you. Something Rotten was loads of fun, too, but I remember loving The Well of Lost Plots the most when I did a Thursday Next marathon.

    • Hi, Tina! This book is loaded with too much information about the BookWorld but I swear, this is the book (among the TN books) where I find myself chuckling on Fforde’s inside jokes! I am hoping to love it more when I reach the end :)

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