Character Exchange Programme

Character Exchange Programme: If a character from one book looks suspiciously like another from the same author, more than likely, they are. There is a certain degree of economy that runs through the bookworld and personages from one book are often asked to stand in for others. Sometimes a single character may play another in the same book, which lends a comedic tone to the proceedings if they have to talk to themselves. Margot Metroland once told me that playing the same person over and over and over again was as tiresome as: ‘an actress condemned to the same part in a provincial reparatory theatre for eternity with no holiday’. After a spate of illegal pagerunning (q.v.) by bored and disgruntled bookpeople, the Character Exchange Programme was set up to allow a change of scenery. In any year there are close to ten thousand exchanges, few of which result in any major plot or dialogue infringements. The reader rarely suspects anything at all.

In the alternative world of Thursday Next, an Outlander (us, humans) can live in the Bookworld like Thursday Next, if given a chance, what book would you like to live in and which character you want to substitute?

Haha, I find my own answer funny. I want to be in Stephanie Perkins’ Anna and the French Kiss and replace Anna Oliphant FOREVER. It will be Tricia and the French Kiss now, and Etienne will love me forever and ever. Amen. Heh, kidding aside, I really want to be in Thursday Next’s world. I want to be as bad-ass as Thursday Next! I mean, being Thursday Next! She’s a well-read person when it comes to literature because she works as Literary Detective! Or, if not in Thursday Next series, I want to be a part of Harry Potter series. WHO WOULDN’T?!

I can’t find myself being a part of my favorite series, The Hunger Games series, because I will never survive the arena! (EVEN IF PEETA IS WITH ME) (I’ll die) (I’ll die of hunger in District 12) (So, I will not be a part of the games because I died of hunger) (lol).

How about you? What book would you like to live in and which character you want to substitute?

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11 thoughts on “Character Exchange Programme

  1. Just call me Tarie Granger. Whoops, wait. I married Ron, so call me Tarie Granger-Weasley.

    • haha! Hi, Miss Tarie Granger, welcome to Character Exchange Programme! Please stick to the script but you can alter few of your lines/parts (make sure the readers won’t notice it!) :P

  2. I want to be Katniss (I think being a hunter is so badass!), but I wouldn’t mind being Ginny Weasley, too. If somebody annoys me I can just bat-bogey hex his face :))

    I like your blog :D I’m gonna add you up in my blogroll :P

    • Hear, hear! Katniss is one big bad-ass and I also what to play her role (but I wish I can survive the Arena!)

      Thanks for adding! I’ll add you up, too :)

  3. *pouts* But I want to be Thursday Next!

    Haha kidding aside (or not :P), I also want to be Anne Elliot from Jane Austen’s Persuasion. She’s the most mature Austen heroine, and I want to be like her. :)

    I also want to be Stargirl (or at least, have the same nonconformist courage that she has), or Cornelia Brown in Love Walked In and Belong to Me by Marisa de los Santos. :)

    • Oh! Tina, you want to wear Jane Austen clothes while portraying the Austen Heroine? :P

      • Oh hm. That’s something I did not consider. Haha! But if I get to be really Anne Elliot (with my own Captain Wentworth, wohoo!), then I may do it. ;)

  4. I’d like to be Attolia or Eddis in the Queen’s Thief series by Megan Whalen Turner. They’re such strong female characters. Or maybe Kate Daniels from Ilona Andrews’ urban fantasy series because she can kick some serious butt.

    • Yes to Kate Daniels, too. :) But I wouldn’t mind being Andrea, her best friend, too. :)

    • I’m curious of how Chachic will play the character! When you are in the Character Exchange Programme, you can change the story (a little) or totally follow the script.

  5. I want to be Anne of Green Gables! Talkative, imaginative, fun! I finished all books in the Anne series and I have fallen more and more in love (not in a lesbian way :P) with all things Anne. :D

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