After a series of book packages that came at my doorstep, another came AGAIN. I don’t know what to say anymore to my parents questioning my habit of ordering too much books online but I swear, this last book is not purchased in the internet! Not long ago, I signed-up with this awesome blog called Pinoy Book Tours headed by Kai of  Amaterasu Reads and Precious of Fragments of Life. They receive ARCs (Advance Reader’s Copy) of books and they want to share it to book bloggers in the country (ISN’T THAT SWEET AND GENEROUS OF THEM?).

I received yesterday via mail the first book I’m about to review, The Future of Us by Jay Asher and Carolyn Mackler (ARC). I’m all excited to read it because I’ve loved Asher’s Thirteen Reasons Why (and it’s close to my heart). I expect the book to be good even if it’s far different to the theme of former book: Suicide. Aside from that, I always love books written and collaborated by two authors (i.e., Rachel Cohn and David Levithan).

Anyway, the book is okay. I managed to read it for less than 10 hours and it sends me back to time. I’m always a 90’s kid. Reading this book sent me a big wave of nostalgia where there are not electronic devices like the computer and Internet that eat my time (like now, lol). It’s weird, the first time I used the Internet was 10 years ago where I sat in front of the new desktop computer, signed in my mom’s hotmail account, and chatted with some random Iranian. It’s funny to think that I was all amazed when he sent ‘ASL?’ and then he flooded me the same messages over and over again (the 90’s troll, yo). Just like in the book, Emma Nelson was given a new computer (Windows 97) by his Dad and her friend, Josh Templeton, lent her a CD-ROM of AOL. After installing the program, she signed in and landed on a webpage that calls itself Facebook. At first I really find it ridiculous because hello? the site has been running for years now and they decided to write about it? But I forgot that the novel is set in 1996! So Emma and Josh find themselves in Facebook FIFTEEN YEARS FROM NOW. They are seeing themselves, their future selves, in a site called Facebook. (I still find it ridiculous).

“I’ve always protected myself when it comes to love. And maybe that’s the problem. By not letting myself get hurt now, it ripples into much bigger pain later.”

Since the book is collaborated by two authors, I believe that Carolyn Mackler wrote Emma’s and Jay Asher wrote Josh’s. These two are best of friends ever since and something happened that made them awkward with each other. Actually, the CD-ROM-lending made them talk to each other again. I love how Jay Asher wrote Josh. He’s adorable and lovely. (YES, I LOVE JOSH). If you read this book already, you’ll agree with me how honest and expressive Josh’s character is compared to Emma’s (there are times that I really want to slap her). Two of them are total opposite, Josh is a person who thinks and decides carefully for his future unlike Emma who always decide without thinking second thoughts. The way they are in the present reflects who they’ll be and what they’ll become in the future.

I know you’ll find the topic of the book crazy and very juvenile but if you are a teenager, it’s common that you may become afraid of the future, your future college, future work, future husband, or wife. It’s something the teenagers think about (admit that you did think about being afraid of the future or fantasize to see your future once or I’ll kick you) and this book tell us that it’s okay to think about the future but it’s NEVER okay to think about it all time and not live the present. The future is scary, I know—I’m scared of it myself, but you will not have the future you want if you don’t live the present properly. Anyway, it’s totally impossible after all to know your future with an online social network.

I enjoyed reading the book, it’s unputdownable because I am curious of what will happen to Josh and Emma, and their future. I am quite satisfied with the ending though it’s predictable. I mean, really predictable. This book is something you will relate to if you were born before the millennium/hi-tech era.

The Future of Us by Jay Asher and Carolyn Mackler

Bookmarks: 2.5/5

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One thought on “://THE FUTURE OF US

  1. High five, Tricia! I gave this a 2. Emma is very irritating. but Josh, oh Josh! i like him :)

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