‘Tis the season to be jolly!


Today marks the first day of the month of the Christmas holiday, the birth of Jesus Christ, and gift-giving! I am already thinking about the gifts I am giving to my inaanak, my friends, family, etc (tho I am totally a broke person, I’ll give them something from my heart—no, not my atria or ventricles!)

Anyway, enough with excuses and silly introduction! Let’s get straight to the point: MY WISHLIST. Oh, c’mon, don’t judge, YOU ALSO HAVE YOUR OWN WISHLIST, RIGHT? Anyway, most of them are books (as usual):

Actually, I am still thinking which book I want (or possibly will buy next year) without thinking and being guilty about Mt. TBR that has been living in my shelves for more than two years. Anyway…

Okay, enough, the book list is getting longer.

Anyway, aside from books, I’ve been wanting to have a NOOK Color but as usual, I can’t afford it. Well, I’m hoping (desperately) for someone sent from heaven to give me a Nook! Haha!

Some of the books are quite expensive and hard to find (but for me, it is not hard-to-find, I book-hunt a lot), you can give me (or your book-lover friends) book store gift checks! Or clothes/bags/shoes gift checks :P

I am asking too much, am I? Well, nothing’s wrong to dream about having these for Christmas (definitely, Dream On, Tricia). What’s your wishlist? Link it here so I’ll check it out. You’ll never know I have those books in my give-away pile!

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3 thoughts on “‘Tis the season to be jolly!

  1. Libre ang mangarap ^_^ nahihiya akong magpost ng wishlist karamihan game consoles,gadgets at pagdating sa book portion nasa GR dun nakatambak pwahaha!parang mas trip ko yung Nook simple ereader tas nagbaba na sila ng presyo ngayon $99 :O

  2. If I find a copy of Feed when I go book shopping, it’s yours. :) (You know me, the big Mira Grant pusher, haha)

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