Hello, new books!

I am quite surprised of the number of books that came at my doorstep after my trip with friends to Baguio. (And I am telling you also how my parents’ eyebrows shoot up in question when they saw the packages. I’m leaving you with only that).

I also miss posting books I bought lately and I haven’t track of them—I just dump them on my bookshelves.

Wait, hold up! Before you all think that I have a bad case of hoarding, I didn’t buy all these books—errr, not really, I only bought two of them!

  • History of Love by Nicole Krauss (!!!) – I am so happy that I have lovely friend, Celina, who found me a copy of this for a very, very, very cheap price (P75, yo!). She found it in Book Sale (I don’t know which branch)! Cross yer fingers (to those who are looking for cheap copies) because it’s possible to find one in Book Sale!
  • The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao by Junot Diaz – You all know that Junot Diaz visited our country for the Manila Literary Festival and (waterworks: On) I wasn’t able to attend because I can’t afford the fee. Anyway, I’ve been meaning to read the book ever since but I always forget to get a copy (oh, don’t judge!). Also, it’s a winner of Pulitzer Prize for Fiction. I thank Ten of Surprises Out of Boxes for the book (mind you, it’s TPB for P100 only!)

The last two, I borrowed it from Celina, too! She’s so sweet for lending me her books, actually, she’s the one who told me that I can borrow books from her (she got a LOT, especially YA books!)

  • Love, Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli (no dust jacket) – I was asking Celina if she has a tpb copy of the book (why, yes, I’m just asking for future hoarding lol) because my copy of Stargirl is tpb but she doesn’t have one yet (she thinks she have one for the next batch uploads *cross-fingers*). I’m excited to read it (I bet Celina feels my excitement all the way to her home) and she lets me borrow the book. So awesome.
  • The Well of Lost Plots by Jasper Fforde (Thursday Next Series # 3) – Celina (can you count how many times I mentioned her name?), gave me a copy of Something Rotten for my birthday last August and I haven’t read it because it’s the 4th book and I don’t have the 3rd so she lent me her copy. I’m reading it now <3

So, I am back on track! I need ten more (or fifteen?) books to complete my reading challenge. I’m not really expecting myself to complete it because I am such a slow, slow reader. I’m enjoying the book immensely anyway!

Say hello to my no-more-space-have-mercy-please-buy-a-new-one bookshelf:

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One thought on “Hello, new books!

  1. OMG! ang ganda ng bookshelf mo :O make a bookshelf video tour (kung trip mo lang) I’d like to make my own bookshelf parang masaya na mahirap kamusta naman yun?! lol :))

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