Guys Write For Guys Read!

I saw this book lying on the bargain bins during the Manila International Book Fair and yep, the cover attracted me. I don’t know, it looks promising to me and even if I’m not a guy, I think this is a good read! I became more excited to read it when I saw the back cover:

The book is collection of stories, essays, mini-memoirs, mini-comics by different guy writers about being a… guy. Also, it’s main purpose is to help guys read. Before, I don’t know any guys that read. Most of them are addicted to computer games, sports, cars, TV shows, EVERYTHING EXCEPT READING BOOKS. I lost my faith on humanity, but you know what, I was wrong, GUYS WHO READ EXIST! I met a couple, no, a LOT of them in the Internet, my book club, my FRIENDS (surprise, surprise), and even my brothers (only comic books tho)! My faith on humanity has been restored. Really, guys who read are so cool and so much awesome than those who don’t. Really.

Anyway, the book includes the works by my favorite male authors like Neil Gaiman (!), Stephen King, Jerry Spinelli, Daniel Handler (aka Lemony Snicket), Garth Nix, Ned Vizzini, David Macaulay, Dav Pilkey, Matt Groening, and Dave and Liam McKean (!!!). What I love most among the stories are about how these authors have to funny experiences with bullies because of being a geek as well as how to be a MAN.

The stories are too many (I think more than ninety anthologies!) and I can’t tell which ones are my favorites. I enjoyed all of them equally! I’ll just share some pictures I took while reading the book.

Shooting the Breeze by Dave and Liam McKean

Aw, Nuts! by Mo Willems (Don’t mistake him for Schulz, he’s just a big fan)

Read it because I really find it funny! Ha-ha sorry for the crappy photo.

Reading Can Be Dangerous by Tedd Arnold

After reading the book, I felt like a boy turned into a man. Ha-ha! It’s a really light, funny reader and I recommend this to both boys and girls :)

Guys Write For Guys Read: Boys’ Favorite Authors Write About Being Boys! (Compiled by Jon Scieszka)

Bookmarks: 4/5

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2 thoughts on “Guys Write For Guys Read!

  1. Hi. Is this Triciuhhh? Anyway, thank you for joining Mensis Liber. Best of luck and keep reading!

  2. And lovely blog!

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