After the day the The Hunger Games full trailer was released, I planned to re-read the whole series again. It’s been years since I read the first book and I’m excited to read it all over again because I remember how it made so nervous and scared that I have to put the book down for two days. I don’t know, the suspense is too much for me. It’s like when I watch a thriller movie, when the climax is already there, I close my eyes or excuse myself to go to the bathroom (heh, don’t judge). Same with the books, I tend to put it down. (But, The Hunger Games, you can’t put it down, it’s frakking awesome).

I read it and by the time the Tributes are in the arena, I have to put it down. Not because of the suspense. Okay, fine, 20% of my reason is that I can’t take the suspense. Haha. Anyway, I was busy writing for my online job so I have to stop my readings (Uh-oh, as of now, I am four books behind my book reading challenge in Goodreads!). I resumed reading the series last night and I saw this:


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