Let’s Movember!

Obviously, I sort-of abandoned this blog because I am a lazy boring book blogger (not really). October’s been a hell for me—especially the last week!—and I’ve been so busy doing things relevant to life that I wasn’t even able to use my laptop for two weeks. Anyway, my readings slowed down, too. According to the GoodReads’ Reading Challenge, I am two books behind. Well, GoodReads should understand that it is not easy to lug this big book around:

Instead, I sit down all day and read (yes, why, with popcorn!). I just want to let you know that I started reading this book last March and I’m still somewhere in the middle of Part Four! The year is almost at its end and I’m still not yet finished with it! I’m a horrible reader! Anyway, I managed to sandwich thin books in between especially when I am really lazy to bring that heavy book. Take note, that book is not even a hardbound one! I think you understand my point here.

What’s the point of this post? Nothing. I just want to welcome you to November! I hope this month will be a good month to all of us and two more months before the year ends (I must read and read to complete my Reading Challenge this year!).

Just so you know, I owe this blog twelve book posts. Yeah, I’m that really bad-ass lazy blogger. I don’t know where to start! Good luck with me.

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2 thoughts on “Let’s Movember!

  1. For a moment there I thought you were going to grow a mustache this month. Haha. :P

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