“For me, reading is remembering.” ―Cat Patrick, Forgotten

Cat Patrick, you got me hooked on reading this one! There’s something charming about the book that made me read it that fast, even while I traveled that bumpy road on the way to Laguna! The main story of this book caught my attention: it’s about London Lane. You may ask, what is so special about her that Cat Patrick wrote a book about her? There is something peculiar that happened in her brain after an accident that led her to NOT remember the past. No, it’s not just your ordinary amnesia after a head trauma or accident. She do not remember the past but she definitely remember what she’ll be doing tomorrow, the future of her friends, everything that is related to her except the boy she likes. Weird, huh? That hooked me into reading this book.

Every 4:33 am, London’s memory resets and forgets every memory she had in the past. London lived her life through notes to remind her what she wore the day before, her homeworks, what to bring to gym class, or anything to let her know so she will not look like an idiot (because only her mom and her best friend, Jamie, know about her condition—which kind of weird since how can people not notice that she is forgetting everything every single day?). Also, I mentioned above that London met this guy she likes (and she falls in love with him every single day for the first time), Luke Henry. I love how he’s developed in the book. He’s funny, sweet, awkward, and paints ears (WHO PAINTS EARS ANYWAY? It’s weird but cute!). I love it how he is very consistent doing sweet things for London even if she don’t remember him. Cat Patrick had me on this. LUKE HENRY IS SO ADORABLE! I fell in love in him every single page. It made so sad that London doesn’t even remember him whether she likes it or not.

What I didn’t like in this book is the ending and how Cat Patrick managed to turn the events upside down. I mean, I thought London can’t remember her past and Luke Henry but suddenly, she did. At some point, there are scenes and additional characters included in the novel that didn’t seem really important and wasn’t supported at the end of the book (spoiler: memory about a funeral and little brother, Jonas). The end of the book disappointed me because it gave me a feeling that it was hurriedly written. I mean, Cat Patrick introduced the mysterious Jonas and then forget about him in the end (Oh, maybe that’s the title is all about? lol, I kid). It’s just unacceptable and ridiculous. Also, she lost me more when she didn’t give any explanation of London’s mysterious brain condition. Yea, I know it doesn’t exist but is there a limit to invent one (since she made this story)? Really disappointing.

Anyway, over all, the book is fine, readable, and is something I want to visit all over again! Okay, fine. HAHA! It’s Luke Henry I want to visit over and over again. [insert my fangirl moment here]. So, there.

And oh, this novel will have a film adaptation in the future. I wonder who will star London Lane and Luke Henry? Let me know who do you think deserve the roles!

Forgotten by Cat Patrick

Bookmarks: 3/5

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One thought on ““For me, reading is remembering.” ―Cat Patrick, Forgotten

  1. aww..so sweet falling in love with the same guy over & over every single day though you can’t even remember ugh true love (I’m such a hopeless romantic lol :))) anyway, this sure looks like a very interesting book quite sad for the last part thanks for sharing your thoughts ^_^

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