What are you doing there sitting in front of your computer and reading this?! Get off the Internet and rush to the Manila International Book Fair at SMX, Mall of Asia! See you later at the Meeting Room 2 for the First Ever Filipino Reader Convention! I have to get off and work with the rest of the organizers! See ya!

Anyway, I’m in a rush but I have to announce this! Here are the winners for my OMF Lit book giveaway! Please send me an e-mail (with your details! Name, address, contact #) today so I can forward it to OMF lit for you to claim your prizes within this week at the book fair! E-mail me the book you want (Cupidity or Dopple Ganger Chronicles Volume #1). First e-mail, first served (is this right? what the heck. lol)

Congratulations to Majoy and Lynai!

Okay, I’m off! See you later!

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4 thoughts on “WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!

  1. majoy on said:

    Aww!! thanks God and thank you and also to OMFlit.
    Sorry, What is your email add?

  2. Yay!!! Thanks OMF. Will it be ok if I send you via DM in Twitter? I don’t have your email. :)

  3. Hi Tricia! Your blog, . . I WRITE, THEREFORE I AM ALIVE, has been selected and listed in http://www.readphilippines.com. Thank you for joining our fast-growing PInoy readers’ community and looking forward to your continued learning and sharing with us!

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