READERCON FILIPINO FRIDAY [WEEK 5]: The Filipino Reader Convention

Filipino Friday is a weekly meme used by Filipino Book Bloggers to discuss more about book they read, the events and happenings that affect the world of literature. For now, as a part of an upcoming event, we are using this meme to promote the upcoming The Filipino Reader Convention on September 14 and to promote the Filipino Readers.

CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! Filipino Reader Con is just two days away! TWO DAYS! So this is the final week for the Filipino Friday x Filipino Reader Con and the topic for this week is: What do you hope will happen in the Filipino ReaderCon? What are you expecting from the event?

Actually, I don’t know! Since it will be the first ever Filipino Reader Convention, it’s actually a surprise for you, for me, and for everybody! But I am totally excited for this event because it is my first time to help a bookish event this year with book blogger and book club people I know :) I expect it to be enjoyable. The discussion about books, book blogging and book clubbing (for the fun of it!) is a very nice topic to share to the readers in the Philippines. Oh, please, don’t think of it as some ‘boring’, ‘nerd-y’ or ‘dorky’ discussion! It is not, I assure you. The people who will give the talk are REALLY AWESOME. As in, like, really, really awesome. You will totally enjoy this event! And also, you will see and meet different book bloggers and book club members (lol, I’ll be there! If you see an awkward chubby girl with glasses and bad hair, that’s me! Say hi, please!). Heh. Anyway, don’t miss the fun and BE THERE!

How about you? Are you coming to the ReaderCon? What do you expect of the event? Join our Filipino Friday Meme!

To readers, book lovers, writers, authors and publishers, don’t forget to join our First EVER FILIPINO READER CONFERENCE on September 14, 2011! TWO MORE DAYS!!! For more details, please visit the Filipino Reader Con website and follow @PinoyReaderCon on Twitter.

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One thought on “READERCON FILIPINO FRIDAY [WEEK 5]: The Filipino Reader Convention

  1. TWO DAYS! :D See you Tricia! :)

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