Manila International Book Fair is so near that it makes me jumpy and excited inside! I am making sure that I will visit every booth and enjoy the book shopping! Anyway, if YOU are coming to MIBF, one of my favorite Christian Book Store, OMF Literature, is going to be there again! Don’t dare to miss this booth because they have so much in store for us!

First, print the I Read post card for FREE TICKET to the book fair and have GREAT, GREAT discounts to books (even the new released ones!).

Second,  Events and Activities!!!

  • Storytelling activities for kids on September 14-16
  • Live broadcast of The Edge Radio on September 16
  • Words and Music (mini-concert and book excerpt reading) on September 17
  • Pinoy Christian Bloggers meet-up (date TBA)
  • Authors meet and greet
    • Joyce Piap Go – September 14
    • Francie Castaneda-Lacanilao – September 14
    • Grace Chong – September 14
    • Hiram Pangilinan – September 16
    • Gicky Soriano – September 16
    • Ronald Molmisa – September 17

Anyway, to add to the excitement this book event is bringing, I am hosting another BOOK CONTEST/GIVEAWAY sponsored by OMF Lit Book Shop! It’s easy and here are the mechanics:

1. The contest is open to everyone in with a local mailing address in the Philippines.

2. To join the contest, answer the question at the comments section of this post:

What are the books you are excited to buy at OMF lit booth and why?

3. One entry/person/email address.

4. You can tweet or share this on Facebook! Just tag me (@triciuhhh) and OMF Lit (@OMFlit)

5. Entries will be accepted until Tuesday, September 13th, 12 midnight, Manila time.

6. Two winners will be chosen via Random.Org!

7. Book prizes: Dopple Ganger Chronicles Vol 1 by GP Taylor (1 winner) and Cupidity by Hayley and Michael DiMarco (1 winner).

8. If you win, the prizes will be given during the MIBF (if you’re there—no, YOU MUST BE THERE! ).

9. If you win but can’t make it to MIBF (i.e., from far provinces), I’ll send an e-mail on how you will claim the prize :)


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  1. What are the books you are excited to buy at OMF lit booth and why?

    I’m a big John Maxwell fan! I actually clip his inspirational articles in the newspaper every Sunday and I’m really, really excited to buy more of his books on timeless lessons on leadership in the coming Manila International Book Fair next week. I already have his “The 21 Laws of Leadership” and it has been a staple reading for me just like the Bible every morning. Reading it every time gets me invigorated and enables me to tackle every day challenges head on.
    Thanks for hosting this book giveaway, Tricia and OMF Lit!

  2. majoy on said:

    My 1st goal is to buy NIV Bible for my sister :)
    Dopple Ganger Book #1 – cause I already have the vol.2 but i didn’t read it yet:)
    Get Out Of The Pit – This books sounds good to me :)
    Laugh Out Loud – I’m just curious about the title :)
    Harold Sala Book (any) – I love the author :)
    Light to My Path Each Day – saw this on @omflit tweet yesterday and I find it interesting :)

    • majoy on said:

      Oooops!! Thank you for hosting this giveaway :)
      Also a BIG THANKS to OMF Lit. for sponsoring this promo :)

      See you guys in MIBF!

  3. Books by Philip Yancey! I want to complete my Philip Yancey collection and so far I only have two books, Disappointment with God and What’s So Amazing About Grace. It’s too bad I can’t come to the book fair. But I sure pray I’ll win this giveaway. :)

  4. Cary Isaac on said:

    Hi tricia, I’d like to join.

    What are the books you are excited to buy at OMF lit booth and why?

    Im looking forward to buy any book of Joshua Harris especially Boy Meets Girl, John Eldridge and Elizabeth Eliot. The works of these author are recommended to me by my BS leader to help me gain more understanding on God-honoring relationships.

  5. camille quiambao on said:

    I am a preschool teacher that’s why I am excited to buy Hiyas storybooks from OMF. My students will surely love the amusing stories and colorful illustrations.


    Camille Quiambao

  6. Maria Victoria Palustre on said:

    I love OMF sooo much. I used to go to their Mandaluyong office and read a lot of books when I was renting a place in Libertad. I would stay there for long hours browsing and checking inspirational books especially when theyre on sale..(thank u for their comfy couch,uplifting Christian music and sample books)oh, how I miss that… OMF was 1st publishing house that Ive searched when I heard about the International Book Fair. My favorite books are published by OMF like Spirit Controlled Temperament by Tim & Beverly Lahaye and which helps me understand why people act and behave the way they do, Gary Chapman’s Five Love Languanges where I learned to express love through time,acts of service, words of affirmation, gifts and touch. But most of all Im always excited to buy books about women, love and relationship, inner beauty and ministries. I learned how to approach relationships by applying Joshua Harris books.I also look forward for childrens books since Christmas is just around the corner and that would be a perfect present for my Sunday school kids,nieces and inaanak.

  7. Hi. I want to join too.

    I am really excited to buy Shame Lifter by Marilyn Hontz and a new Bible.
    Shame Lifter caught my attention. I have a lot of shameful events in my life that I want to expose in order to free myself but I don’t know how and I am scared. I think this book will give me insights on how to expose that shameful events without experiencing fear. I also think this book will make me realize that God is a shame lifter.

    Paola Sunga

  8. marilyn hontz on said:

    How encouraging for me to see that Paola has decided to purchase my book, Shame Lifter. Thank you.
    Just to acknowledge shameful events in one’s life is a huge step. Sadly, shame does cause fear and secrecy. It is also often responsible for the negative thoughts (lies) you believe about yourself. Thankfully, there is hope and freedom to live without shame. And while most everyone of us have at one time or another been “shame receivers,” and/or “shame givers,” we truly can be “shame lifters” to those around us. Givers of grace – like the Lord is to us!

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