Let It Snow and The Truth About Forever

I know it’s not snowing here in the Philippines and it will never be (we’re a tropical country!) but we had cold, rainy days that is more tolerable (I tend to have hives/urticaria in cold weather) and a perfect book to read is Let It Snow by the three Young Adult authors, John Green, Maureen Johnson and Lauren Myracle. It’s a three-short stories about holiday romances: The Jubilee Express, A Cheertastic Christmas Miracle, and The Patron Saint of Pigs. I don’t want to give away what these stories are all about. It’s a light and fun book you can read for Christmas if you’re single, lonely and doesn’t have a better half to celebrate with (HAHAHA, I’m just kidding, you guys!). Stories can be sweet, hilariously funny, heartbreaking and yeah, CUTE GUYS! I’ve read this book because I totally love John Green!

Another YA-chicklit fiction I read was Sarah Dessen’s The Truth About Forever. If you read this blog before, you know that I rarely read YA or Chicklit so I don’t know much about romance and cheeziness until I met Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins. That’s why I am easing my way to read YA fiction (Nobody is too old to read YA!). This my first Sarah Dessen book and I choose this because of rave reviews about this so I expect that this will surpass the romantic experience I had with Etienne (Sorry, I fan-girl too much!).

Anyway, it’s about Macy Queens who have seen his father died in front of her very eyes. After that, she pursued to be perfect. She has a perfect boyfriend named Jason—I think he’s beyond perfect! Kindda weird, too—and she thought everything is so perfect with everything on routine and on schedule. He’s going to a brain camp and Macy is spending her whole summer working in a… library. Nothing is really wrong with working in a library but working with two brainy bitches can be difficult. Macy thinks she’s okay, I guess. Then one day, she meet the Wish Catering Crew during the gala event her mother is hosting. She decided to join them after a bad day at the library and she met different people with flaws and deep pain that made her realize that hers are just less than 1% of theirs. And she met Wes~ Swoon.

Aside from the romance in the book (I’ll talk about it later, I might blabber too much about Wes). I love how Dessen put emphasis on acceptance. Macy’s mother doesn’t want her to work with the Wish Catering Crew because of the people behind it. The monotone bored girl Monica, scar-faced Kristy, the armageddon-end-of-the-world representative Bert and the juvenile delinquent Wes. See how judgmental her mother can be? But Macy accepted them for who they are. They may have done wrong things in the past but that doesn’t mean they can’t be accepted with the mistake they did.

And Wes. Sa-woon. I thought I wouldn’t like him because he’s so quiet and boring but he’s so mysterious. But I found out that it’s just his personality that he doesn’t like to be credited or acknowledged with the things he did or accomplished. I’m in awe of this humility, yo! He may be a juvenile delinquent but who cares? Everybody has flaws! He’s endearing and caring—he takes care of his brother, Bert, after their mom died! He’s also an art sculpture and did many artworks (Heart in hand) just for his mom. Swoon. What I love the most is that I see the genuineness and sincerity in every thing he do. It’s just… rare.

Anyway, this story reminds me of Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour (I read it first) which is about the death of Amy’s dad and Roger helped her (somehow) to move on from the tragedy. Same with this book, Wes helped Macy to realize that a person who died cannot be forgotten even if you disposed all of the things you’ve shared and the memories.

I immensely enjoyed these YA books and I’m wanting to read more :)

Let It Snow by John Green, Maureen Johnson and Lauren Myracle

Bookmarks: 3.5/5

The Truth About Forever

Bookmarks: 4.5

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2 thoughts on “Let It Snow and The Truth About Forever

  1. l liked “The Truth About Forever”, too. It’s one of two Sarah Dessens that I’ve read thus far. The other is “Just Listen”. ;)

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