“We wanted to define her, to wrap her up as we did each other, but we could not seem to get past “weird” and “strange” and “goofy.” Her ways knocked us off balance.” —Jerry Spinelli, Stargirl

Stargirl. What? Her name is Stargirl? For real? What the hell? Is that even a name? Is she insane or what? Stargirl, Stargirl. Here’s Stargirl, she transferred to the quiet Mica High with a burst of colors. She disturbed the quiet environment of the school with her smile, her clothes, her uplifting personality, her songs and ukelele and her… rat. Everybody knows that ‘weird’ Stargirl because she is different. She even captured Leo Borlock’s heart. Mica High was enchanted by her personality. At first. But there came a time that all of the students hated her for being different and Leo, who is ‘normal’, loves her so much and doesn’t want to leave her but also his social status, he urged Stargirl to become the thing that will destroy her: normal.

This book is heartbreaking. It hurts so much to the core of my being. Yeah, for real. You see, I totally love this Susan ‘Stargirl’ Carraway. She’s the most eccentric, optimistic, loving character I’ve ever met! The kind of person who knows what she is doing to make herself and other people happy, one who doesn’t think of what other people say about her and a very loving character. Not only Mica High and Leo Borlock’s heart was captured by her personality. I am, too, stunned, captured, enchanted by her. She’s like the person I want to be friends with no matter how ‘weird’ and different she is.

I like how Jerry Spinelli put so much his heart and soul on this cute story about eccentricity and non-conformity. I’m saddened by the fact that this is one of the issues teenagers are facing in the society. It’s true, you’re in if you’re like them, you’re out when you’re weird or different. It’s a struggle for some people who are not as strong as Stargirl. This is an eye-opener to the people out there. Nothing is wrong for being different. Actually, for me, normal is boring. What is your essence if you’re the same as the other person. Boo, boring.

This book is written on Leo’s perspective. He’s the one who sees Stargirl and the other students. It’s sort-of new to me since most of the YA books I read (with the touch of romantic cheeziness), it’s written in the girl’s perspective. I am thrown away on how genuine and honest Leo’s feelings for Stargirl. Swoon. It’s different and that made me think that guys can think like and do things for a girl! Swoon.

However, the ending is just… Oh God, every time I remember the ending, it crushes my heart. It’s so painful for me. I want to shout, yell at Spinelli why he have to do it to Stargirl (but of course, he values the theme of ‘non-conformity’ so he didn’t made the story ended like the other stories with happy fairy-tale ending).  I’m so happy for her and Leo. They’re so happy and it hurts so much why they have to end like this. I cried for Stargirl. It’s like I lost a very good friend, like she’s my only friend.

I was talking to the book, saying, ‘I will always accept you for who you are, Stargirl. Please come back. I love you, my friend‘. WEIRD, I know! There are times that I am so connected and attached with the character.

Love, love this book. Yes, it’s heartbreaking but it’s a really good book to read.

Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli

Bookmarks: 5/5

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2 thoughts on ““We wanted to define her, to wrap her up as we did each other, but we could not seem to get past “weird” and “strange” and “goofy.” Her ways knocked us off balance.” —Jerry Spinelli, Stargirl

  1. Heartbreaking. I remember crying too much after reading this. Anyway, here’s my blog on Stargirl. Yuck. Shameless plug, haha. http://tintearjerky.wordpress.com/2011/04/24/stargirl-jerry-spinelli/

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