Hi, guys! I am so grateful of the people who greeted me on my birthday and thank you to those who dropped by my blog to join the giveaway and also greeted me a happy birthday. You don’t know how much it means to me, guys! Anyway, I love all the second-hand stores you’ve mentioned in your comments and I am going to visit them in the future for book shopping!

Without further ado, I chose the winner through Random.Org and…

Congratulations to Jasminkate for winning the P500-worth of books from Celina’s Books and Magazines Online Store! I’ll send you an e-mail on how you will claim your prizes. Thank you!

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  1. Aww. I came second only. Sayang! Anyway, happy birthday again! :)

  2. aw.. :( I really hope i won the contest.. :( I really wanted to buy somethin. anyways, HAPPY B’DAY again! :)

  3. Congrats Jasminkate ^_^

    That was really fun! I didn’t even know there’s a lot of second hand bookstores :O heypi bday indeed Ishay lol XD

  4. jasminkate on said:

    weeee thank you so much tricia! I really want this hehe. May you have more birthdays and syempre more giveaways to come! haha thank you! :)

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