For days, I’ve been trying to ignore those tweets about the first sneak peek about The Hunger Games movie during MTV Video Awards (VMA) 2011 because our cable service do NOT have an MTV channel! Sucks, I know! So I pretend not to care about it and say will watch it onYoutube but you know what, the tiniest, restless and excited fan in me won and took over my body and drag the hell out of the bed, open my laptop and searched the freaking internet for a live stream. I was hopeless because I can’t seem to find a reliable site for a live stream! Then in twitter announced that the teaser trailer will be up in 18 minutes! I’m, like, shit, I have to see this. No way that I am not to see it first! (But then, we have to wait for IDK-how-many-commercials to end before they starting rolling the damn trailer). I cried when I saw this:

Photo from

Good Lord! I cried watching this short teaser trailer! Shit just got real. The movie is real. It is happening! My long wait is over. The long excruciating wait is so over! I’m so damn excited to watch this freaking series (though there’s no expectation that this will be totally the same with the book but I’m keeping the faith because Suzanne Collins wrote the script. So, yeah). Anyway, to those who we’re not able to catch it on MTV, here’s the video:

What are your thoughts? Did Rue’s Mockingjay Call give you chills down your spine? This is just a teaser trailer! What if they aired the official trailer, huh? I’m stoked!

Also, I’m so happy that they aired the teaser trailer on my birthday! I’m so special! (lol, not really)

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