Welcome, August!

July had been a very productive month to me. I’ve never been this busy for the past 11 months and I am really grateful of how this month turned out. Aside from having my first actual job at a primary hospital, I enjoyed my life as a reader! I had a sudden wave of YA and children’s novel I read, but I am now buried neck-deep (lol, not really) of book reviews to write! I hope I can find time to write about them before I forgot about them:

  •  The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Justin
  • Let It Snow by John Green, Maureen Johnson and Lauren Myracle
  • The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen
  • Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli

And also, I won books and gift certificates on book blogs as well as bringing home a new pile of books  from the GoodReads meet-up! The blessings are overflowing! I’m so happy and the month ended so fast that I didn’t even noticed that August just started. Anyway, I’m expecting a lot of good things this month of August because it’s my birth month! YAY!

To start off, I just learned from the Internet that both Powerbooks and National Book Store are having their annual crazy sales in every branch and my wallet is hidden somewhere I don’t know because I am saving up for the upcoming splurging of money on September. But I don’t think I’ll punish myself not buying any book because it’s my birth month! I mean, can you resist those sale? Can you? Can you? Can you? I can’t. It wasn’t even August yet when I bought a book, Jennifer Egan’s A Visit From the Goon Squad, and didn’t know that it’s on sale. I bought the book with P200 slashed off the price! I’m expecting a full panic buying of books this month.

Like I said, August is my birth month and I feel that this month is going to be awesome! Every birthday, I receive a great load of greetings over the Internet but I don’t receive gifts—not that I’m complaining, or expecting, or what—I’m actually used to it. I’m really grateful for people who greet me on that special day (thanks to Facebook!). Since I am glad I’m surrounded with such people, I am going to have a small giveaway (what do you call it? Contest)  for my friends, readers and everyone living in the Philippines here at my book blog! Please don’t expect too much of the giveaway since I’m a cheap stake. If you want to join, just watch out this space on August 10, 2011 for more details!

Hoping for a nice August for all of us! God bless :)

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One thought on “Welcome, August!

  1. Kim on said:

    Oh yeah!OMG! annual sales???it’s gonna be crazeh lol :)) Advance Happy Birthday :D

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