Fantastic Four: World’s Greatest (Premium Edition) by Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch

It’s awesome when you find a really good book in a book store, right? What if you found a graphic novel for only 99 pesos? I tell you, I was so shocked and elated when I saw a couple of graphic novels at National Book Store’s bargain bin and I immediately grabbed the copy of Fantastic Four: World’s Greatest (Premium Edition) by Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch (the title is very long, indeed). I’m not much of a comic enthusiast because I  know little about superheroes—the characters and stories evolved so fast over the years and I don’t know  how they/the story flow supposed to be in one book and not in other books or film adaptation but I enjoy reading them and yes, I collect some titles I really want to read or I find really interesting.

Who wouldn’t know about the Fantastic Four? This special edition is a compilation of Fantastic Four #554-561 tha shows us 2 sets of stories: First is the comeback of Richard Reed’s ex-girlfriend, Alyssa Moy, asking him help to build this Nu-World because the Earth is facing a calamity that would end the lives of the people as well as the earth. But, what would Sue thinks of this? Will this complicate their marriage? Next is that, Doctor Doom and Johnny Storm was kidnapped by some unknown superheroes in suit and they can’t even track where is their hideout! What should the Fantastic Four (Three?) do?

I never read a Single FF comics before (heck, it’s expensive here!) but I immensely enjoyed this one! The plot is genius and very gripping that it made me sit the whole day to read it and the greatness how the characters are drawn are awesome that my eyes are glued on every corner of the book. The writers and artist created a new world for the future Fantastic Four and it’s great. I really loved how they used the concept of time machines and technology (CAP and Nu-World!) that makes me wonder WHAT IF this calamity Alyssa is talking about came true? Will there be a Nu-World? Will there be great scientist like Reed and Dr. Castle to create a new world? Science is just awesome. And, don’t miss out the romance between Reed and Sue!

I enjoyed this a lot and I think you guys will like this, too! Grab your copy at the nearest book or comic stores!


Book #34

Fantastic Four: The World’s Greatest (Premium Edition) by Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch

Bookmarks: 5/5

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