George Orwell’s 1948 dystopian novel is one of the controversial and banned books in the world and I’m so curious what this book is all about. I have a little background about Orwell’s style of writing since I only read his Animal Farm way back high school and I didn’t like it that much because of negative and political theme (and of course, I was too young and narrow-minded to understand those kind of things and everything).

This is about the life in Oceania where war never ends with either Eastasia or Eurasia, continuous surveillance from the government and mind control. Every individual—members of the Inner and the Outer Party—are expected to follow and love the philosophy of Big Brother. The protagonist, Winston Smith, works at the Ministry of Truth where he continuously alter the past as needed to support the Party’s propaganda that is to make them look omniscient and always right and accurate. But, something blurred his memories and realized that everything the Party is doing is not good made him go against Big Brother and led to interrogation, arrest and torture.

This book is one of the best dystopian classic I’ve ever read though I read it for a month (heh, sorry, I became lazy!) but it’s so awesome that it opened my eyes about some political concepts that I can see in our present government (I don’t deny the fact that I’m ignorant of such things). Those oligarchial and collectivism in our government. IT EXISTS! Anyway, I love how Orwell wrote this novel, how he used disillusions and politics in the book plus the principle of Newspeak. It’s brilliant! Moreover, the last part of the book—how Smith was tortured and Room101—scared the hell out of me and man, it’s so inhumane!

Anyway, I wish I can explain more about this book but it tackles so much more than it’s political content. There’s about mind control, sexual repression (I can’t believe this one! They want to extinguish the pleasure of sex and just use sex for production of people for the Party! Insane, right!), surveillance of telescreens and alteration of the past (and elimination of certain people, or in newspeak, unperson).

I highly recommend this book to everyone! Read banned books, they are awesome. They give you facts and ideas that you see at the present. Don’t be ignorant (like me! haha)!


Book #30

Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell

Bookmarks: 5/5 stars

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