I told you that I went to Singapore for four days and of course, I will not miss to visit some good secondhand-bookstores in the area! I was hoping there will be near our place at Scotts Road and yeah, there are!

There’s Ana Book Store at the 5th floor of Far East Plaza where they sell and rent secondhand books, comics and magazines. The store covers almost all known classic, fiction and children’s books!

It’s an awesome book store because I scored a SIGNED COPY of Jasper Fforde’s Lost in a Good Book for S$8! It’s in a good condition but the pages are slightly tanning but it’s OKAY! IT’S A SIGNED BOOK! And, I was reading The Eyre Affair, which is the book it precedes.

I was to buy the rest of the Thursday Next series there but I realize that it is expensive (when converted to peso; S$1=P35). And, I have yet to visit other secondhand book stores.

I went to Bras Basah Complex, which is known as a hub for Art, Culture and Education. There’s this KNOWLEDGE BOOK CENTRE at the third floor (if I’m not mistaken) and the place is awesome! I wish I took a picture of the place (photo above is from the website) but I am so busy rummaging the place for nice books! There’s a lot of classics and children’s books there (which I totally love).

I found a copy of Don DeLillo’s White Noise for S$12. I want it so bad and I am really buying it even if it’s S$12! You know what? Grandpa (lol) gave it to me for S$5 only! I want to shout with happiness because grandpa is so kind! I’m so happy! Hihi

Uhm, by the way, guys, my mom doesn’t know about this book buying I did in Singapore. So, please don’t tell or she will throw all my books.

And earlier this day, I went to BOOK SALE near our home and I finally found a MIGHTY BRIGHT book light! I’ve been wanting to have this ever since Blooey blogged about it and ta-da! I have it for only P65! I can now read when everybody’s asleep or when we’re in the car during the night!

I also saw Diana Wynne Jones’ The Lives of Christopher Chant, which is my first DWJ book. I know, it’s such a shame that I never read a single DWJ book but I’ll start now.

Rest in peace, Diana Wynne Jones.

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4 thoughts on “SWAG

  1. chorhwa on said:

    Hi sorry to disturb u, I was searching high & low for mighty bright reading light, do u know exactly where to get it in Singapore ?

    • Hi, chorhwa. Sorry but I bought the Mighty Bright Book light here in the Philippines and not in Singapore so I don’t know where to buy it there. Maybe you should check major book stores in your area like Borders if they have. And also I believe there may be book lights (not specifically Mighty Bright) in some stores in Bras Basah Complex. Thank you :)

  2. I went to Singapore a few weeks ago and picked up several titles from Books Actually. I’ll make sure to hit Bras Basah when I go back to Singapore this November. Thanks for posting about this!

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