“Stupid” isn’t the right word, but it’s the first word that comes to mind.

See also: Nonsensical Shit

See also: Crap

Discovering and reading new authors’ works is a gamble. You don’t know if you gonna like the way he writes or what he writes about, and opinions about them and their works varies from one reader to another. Since people claimed that Chuck Palahniuk’s a one hardcore author, I decided to have myself a Chuck Palahniuk challenge this year and yes, I bought myself a copy of Choke. Look, the cover page is an attention-catcher and demands  the reader to pick it up, oh pick it up! (especially people who studied Anatomy and Physiology like me). What’s with the book? Does it talks about our body? Well, partly yes. It’s about this medical school drop-out named Victor Machini (who I think is the representation of the author himself) who have himself working in a living museum and choking himself in every restaurant to earn money for his  Alzheimer-afflicted mother’s hospital bills at St. Anthony. He’s also a sexaholic and an asshole. He’s also a descendant of Jesus Christ (blasphemy!) and did I say he’s an asshole? Well, yeah, he is.

Since it’s my first time to read Palahniuk, I say this book is a let down. I DIDN’T LIKE IT. Halfway through the book, I want to rip it into two and abandon it forever. I got sick on everything—sex, sex, sex! And it’s just another story of some long-time weak loser who doesn’t want to be labeled as someone who is kind and has a heart. I roll my eyes whenever he tells the reader that he is no Jesus Christ (of course, he’s not),  that he’s an asshole. FINE, YOU’RE AN ASSHOLE. HAPPY? Just another story of an hopeless asshole who is hopeless and an asshole.

It’s supposed to be a funny, satirical book, but it’s not. I’m not grumpy, I don’t find it funny. Rubbish.

But hey, I may not like the story but Palahniuk’s prose is the one I fell in love with. No wonder I finished this book even if I didn’t like the story.

Book #18 for 2011

Choke by Chuck Palahniuk

Bookmark: 1/5

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