“The best discoveries always happened to the people who weren’t looking for it.” — Morgan Matson, Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour

I randomly saw five stars and glowing reviews of this book at GoodReads and I find it interesting because it has a ROAD TRIP! So I was all excited to read it since it’s also a Young Adult, Chicklit book.

Here’s Amy Curry, she thinks her life is a mess, her family is a mess after the  accident and then her mom decide to start their life anew. They decided to move from Raven Rock, California to Connecticut just in time for Amy’s senior year. So Amy’s mom decided to plan on how Amy will go to Connecticut: ROAD TRIP. But the problem is, Amy can’t drive without trembling and hyperventilating. Here comes the guy named Roger  the son of her mother’s old friend, whom Amy barely remembers. She isn’t thrilled with this road trip with Roger since she is so consumed by the fact that the accident is all of her fault. So, this road trip is laid out by her mother, and you know how mothers are. So they decided to make a little detour from the plan and see the awesome places in America. And at the same time, both Amy and Roger helped each other to gather themselves and get over with their personal issues.

Well, I can say their trip is truly an epic one (hence, the title). It takes a lot of courage to disobey a strict raging parent and also to get over a traumatic accident. I liked how Morgan Matson narrated the story, how am I affected with what Amy is going through. I mean, her feelings are so painful and scary that if I’m on her shoes, I’d probably just let myself be a goner. Also, the most epic thing about this book? THE ROAD TRIP! Every scenic view they went, I really enjoyed it because it’s my dream to travel. Though I am not that much familiar with the different places in America, I still liked it.

And I don’t want to forget how much I LOVED THE PLAYLISTS. I always have this enthusiasm when learning new music, bands when it’s mentioned in a book. I almost cried in joy when Paul Tienan and Someone Still Loves You, Boris Yeltsin are mentioned! I listened and liked their music! Roger and Amy has a good taste in music.

I liked the entirety of the story but somehow, there are points lacking in the story:

First, on how the characters are physically described. It’s so general that I can’t make out what Roger really looks like. I mean, I want to imagine it to be someone but how can I see someone with this: Broad shoulders, light brown hair, dark eyes? I have troubles imagining Roger. Aside from that, why didn’t I noticed that Roger likes Amy? He didn’t made any first move at all! I’m not even sure if he liked Amy. I think he’s just being genuinely nice to her. Or maybe that’s just me. On the other hand, when Roger said, ‘I don’t lie.’, seriously, HE CAN MARRY ME NOW. And Roger is so funny when his friends nicknamed him ‘Magellan’ for being a history geek! I mean, guys like that are so rare and endangered. And then, about Amy, I don’t even know what she looks like. Except for the red hair. But anyway, their characters are developed especially Amy. Aside from the cliche when a parent dies (not talking to anyone, and blaming themselves crap) I liked how she is so brave to move on even in such a short time to think.

Second, there are so many AWKWARD MOMENTS in the story, but why can’t I feel the awkwardness of the situation? I mean,cut the blushing and hearts beating faster crap, there are other ways to describe how awkward a situation is. AND, why are these awkward moments just dismissed by sleeping? like every frakking time? Can’t they deal with it other than sleeping? I said the awkward word five times in this paragraph. Oh weird.

Third, oh wait, SPOILER ALERT. I really find it cute when they are all dressed up just for a dinner when they already spent days eating and sleeping together. I mean, it’s so cute and *squee* BUT is it really necessary for Roger and Amy to have sex? I mean, they barely know each other and Amy is so messed up (and just recovered) and then they have sex? I just find it disturbing that girls nowadays can just give up their virginity to some guys.

It’s not really a bad book, actually I enjoyed reading it and the way Morgan Matson wrote it is pretty decent and easy to read. But somehow, there’s really something that’s lacking.

But to those who wants books with more depth and really an epic road trip, try John Green’s Paper Towns and for a realistic and swoon-worthy romance, Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins.

Book #14 for 2011

Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour by Morgan Matson

Bookmarks: 2.5/5

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