“I really am only one infinitely small part of an aching humanity.” —Anonymous, Go Ask Alice

The first time I saw the cover of this book, I got curious because there’s the word Anonymous where the name of the author should be and Alice, I thought that this book is somehow a spin-off of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. But it turned out to be an epistolary novel, meaning, it’s an actual diary of an unnamed (hence, the anonymous on the cover) troubled young woman who faced the torture and hell of adolescence. The diary tells the readers her day-to-day life about being lonely and awkward in school, how her ‘perfect’ parent pressures her to be normal in school and how she gave in to the use of illegal drugs. A long scary journey alone in the darkness and nightmare, under the influence of drugs and alcohol, she fight to turn her back and change for good but there are circumstances that keep pulling her down—parties, drug friends, alcohol, BPs, sex. This girl wrote all her feelings in her diary (since she has no one to talk to) and all the depth and feelings she spills made me see things differently and understand her situation. Her pain is so real that this whole book is crying for help not only for herself, but also for other drug users who struggle to change.

Questions are raised whether this diary is a real testimony of drug user or a work of fiction, but for me, I believe that this book/diary is a testimony of every drug user in the world. Look how many teenagers, children even, are using illegal drugs now, we never know how much they struggle to choose what they want: be high or change for good; with no one to turn to, or no one to ask who will understand them without condemning or judging them. They are afraid of it. Just like Anonymous, she is so afraid on both options because it both has consequences that she will be judged and condemned, drug user or not. But she wanted to live and she is firm to her decision to change, which is I admire. She strive to be strong by telling her parents what’s happening and coordinating with them for a change.

This is a sad and disturbing story that isn’t supposed to overlooked by people. It has an impact to the readers that will help people see things that are sometime we fail to notice.

Book #13 for 2011

Go Ask Alice by Anonymous

Bookmarks: 5/5

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