Who am I? Where am I? What I’m doing here? Who are you?

What are you going to do if you got lost? and what’s worst, you don’t know a thing about yourself, your past life, EVERYTHING? Well, if I’m in that situation, I don’t know I’ll do. I’ll break down and cry and wait for my knight in shining armor? LOL NO. I think I’m not going to answer it because I really don’t know what I’m going do.

But Emily the Strange knows what to do. Strange. She found herself in a small town (is it a town? It got around forty inhabitants in the place) called Blackrock. Strange to name a place Blackrock. Anyway, there’s a cafe there named El Dungeon and found a girl behind the counter named Raven who is such a birdbrain and cannot complete a sentence. Emily tried to work in the cafe so she can eat while investigating for clues about herself. A lot of adventures and mysteries are unveiled about Emily!

It’s the first novel of Emily the Strange but it’s not my first time to read about Emily the Strange. I read a couple of graphic novels of Emily the Strange before and this is new to me. At first, I’m annoyed with this book because I find it corny and not-so-Emily the Strange. It’s a whole new person! But I realized that Emily the Strange has an amnesia so probably she didn’t really know who she is and her character. As I go on, I can’t put the book down because I’m so curious about her adventures in Blackrock, the mysteries and secrets of the town, the cats, about Raven and Molly! Also Emily got an ancestral enemy named Attikol and Umlaut! STRANGE STORY!

I didn’t like much the drawings (the red colored ones) in the book, but I didn’t hate it either. It’s okay, I guess. But the rest of the drawings—the cats, Blackrock, the secret things are awesome. I thought I wasted money on this book but it turns out okay and it’s fun to read (take note: Emily’s sarcastic remarks).

So, I think I’m going to pick up the two other Emily the Strange novels in the future!

Book #6 for 2011

Emily the Strange: The Lost Days by Rob Reger

Bookmarks: 3/5

My copy: Paperback; from Bibliarch

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One thought on “Who am I? Where am I? What I’m doing here? Who are you?

  1. Hello! I’m Andrea, and I stumbled upon your blog. :) I’d like to invite you to our book club, booklat, where we have day-based posts per day (Today is Fail/Flail Friday and also Foodie Friday!) Hope to read your posts there! :) (booklat.tumblr.com)

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